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Wine Offers Brighter Future for Ethiopia

A French investment in Ethiopia is bearing surprising fruit – wine grapes.

Paso Robles: It's Hot But Cooler Than You Think

Paso Robles has earned a reputation for value, but it's also making a play for greatness.

Five Ways Wineries Fight Counterfeits

With the sentencing of fraudster Rudy Kurniawan days away, Elin McCoy discovers the methods wineries use to beat the counterfeiters.

With Wine, Machismo Rules in Latin America

Brazilian and Mexican wine collectors invest in wines to drink and share, reports Leslie Gevirtz.

1914: Champagne's Violent Vintage

A century on from the start of World War I, Tom Stevenson visits Champagne, where the 1914 vintage was bathed in blood.

How to Buy a Bordeaux Château

The Asian market for buying Bordeaux properties is growing steadily. Janice Fuhrman reports on the process and the motivation.

Size Doesn't Matter in the White House Wine Cellar

Despite meeting a wall of silence from officials, Leslie Gevirtz manages to lift the lid on the White House's wine cellar.

Gross Margins: Breaking Down the Price of a Bottle of Wine

Is that $100 bottle of wine really worth what you paid for it? Tyler Colman deconstructs the price of a bottle.

Barolo Vintage Report: The Best of 2010

Italian wine expert Tom Hyland reviews the 2010 Barolos and picks his five wines of the vintage.

"China Will Rock Our Wine World" But Needs Time

Master of Wine predicts a promising future for wine production in the People's Republic but today, it remains a curiosity.

Somms Choose New York's Best Wine Bars

Looking for a good wine bar in New York? We check in with some of the Big Apple's sommeliers to find out where they like to drink.

Bargain Hunting in Bordeaux

The top-end châteaux hog the limelight in Bordeaux, but Jane Anson discovers that there is a world of value to be had by digging a little deeper.

2014 Vintage Report: South Africa & Australasia

In part 2 of our Southern Hemisphere 2014 vintage report, we head to the rugby-loving nations of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

2014 Vintage Report: South America

The grapes of the 2014 vintage in the Southern Hemisphere are safely in wineries and, while the weather has not been kind to many regions, overall the quality looks good.

California's Renegade White Wines

Italian varieties are enjoying their time in California's sun. Elin McCoy selects her favorites for spring drinking.

Napa's Top 10 Vintages: Part 2

We conclude our rundown of the Top 10 Napa vintages and move into the 21st Century.

Napa's Top 10 Vintages

Everyone has their own opinion of which Napa Valley vintages are the best. In the first part of a two-part feature, we present our picks.

2013: Bordeaux's Divided Year

With the worst conditions in generations the 2013 Bordeaux vintage won't be one that producers remember fondly, but some merchants are cautiously optimistic.

Bordeaux's Not So Greatest Hits

Bordeaux's 2013 vintage might not be the best on record, but it is far from the worst.

Oregon's Five Grand Cru Sites of the Future

With Burgundians arriving in their droves, Katherine Cole considers which Oregon vineyards have the potential to be the equivalent of a Burgundy grand cru.

Napa Caught Napping in American Appellation Race

How a small town in Missouri beat Napa to become the first American Viticultural Area.

Where Now For Crimean Wine?

The future of Crimea is uncertain and the local wine industry is wondering how the unrest will affect it.

Rapper Endorsement Puts Luc Belaire Rosé on Most-Wanted List

A French sparkler has emerged from the rear to grab a spot on Wine-Searcher's list of the 100 most-searched-for wines.

Chilean Immerses His Wines in Jazz

Can music change the taste of a wine? A recent experiment seems to suggest so.

Moving Military Technology to the Winery

Military technology might help speed up the aging of wine, according to a California scientist.

How Long Before Napa Cabs Top $1000 A Bottle?

With 12 Napa wines selling for at least $1000 a bottle wholesale at Premiere Napa Valley, can the same price for regular releases be far behind?

British Government Stocks Some "Jolly Good" Wines

Depending on who they are, David Cameron can pour visitors a French "national treasure" from Burgundy or a $7 Chilean Merlot

Slow Cooking With Rollan de By's Jean Guyon

Médoc château owner Jean Guyon likes to take the time to cook up a melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek.

Burgundy's Spiraling Prices: Fact and Fiction

The new breed of boutique négociants are driving up Burgundy prices for everyone, even if you don't buy their wines, says Bill Nanson.

Berenice Lurton's Sweet and Salty Chicken

Berenice Lurton of the famed Lurton family was handed the keys of Barsac's Château Climens since 1992, at the tender age of 22. Devoted to sweet wine, she selects an easy chicken dish to match the estate's wines.
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