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Wine-buying Guide Hits the Right Note

Tom Stevenson's new book, Buy the Right Wine Every Time is an unpretentious guide to wine and wine drinking.

Getting to Grips with the Wine Grapes of Italy

"At times, it really does seem like Italy has more grape varieties than it knows what it do with," but with greater interest in indigenous varieties, Italian wine expert Ian D'Agata tackles the country's huge grape portofolio.

The French Wine Industry - Just Like Dallas

The seemingly idyllic vineyards surrounding Saint-Émilion are depicted as the setting for a sordid soap opera.

The Birth of Penfolds Grange

"A Year in the Life of Grange," is a finalist in two categories of the 2013 Gourmand awards: Wine Book of the Year and Photos/Illustrations. This abridged extract tracks the wine's creation by two determined rule breakers.

The Best of Barbaresco: Tom Hyland's Top Picks

After a 12-year "odyssey" through the vineyards of Italy, Tom Hyland has compiled a new guide to the country's wines.

Scratch & Sniff Not Up to Scratch

A scratch-and-sniff guide to wine appreciation that appeared in the New York Times Best Seller list turns out to be a little bit off.

Château du Blah Blah: Why Bordeaux is a Turn-Off

In this abridged extract from "Planet of the Grapes: Alternative Reds," Jason Wilson suggests that by focusing on top-end wines, Bordeaux has made itself "almost entirely irrelevant" to younger age groups.

What Kind of Wine Taster Are You?

W. Blake Gray talks to Tim Hanni MW, author of "Why You Like The Wines You Like," about his research into "taster types."

Finding the Perfect Match Beyond Champagne & Oysters

In this excerpt from his new book, "The Scent of Champagne," Richard Juhlin addresses the thorny issue of pairing Champagne with food.

What to Drink in 2014 With Oz Clarke

In this excerpt from Clarke's latest guide, he suggests the top end of the red wine world is out of control.

U.S. Wine Culture Increasingly Confident, Says Mike Steinberger

W. Blake Gray talks to Mike Steinberger about his new book, "The Wine Savant."

Champagne's "Antiquated" Cru Classification

In this extract from "The Champagne Guide 2014–2015," Tyson Stelzer questions the relevance of the region's existing classification system

A Master of Wine's Cork-Taint-Detecting Cat

Bob Campbell MW and his feline companion appear in a comedic chapter of "Wine Cats."

Open Your Mind If You're Tasting Biodynamic Wine

In this extract from "What's So Special About Biodynamic Wine," Antoine Lepetit de la Bigne, assistant director at Domaine Leflaive, suggests that tasting such wines requires an alternative approach.

How to Choose the Perfect Fortified Wine

In this extract from "Complete Wine Selector," Katherine Cole outlines the pleasure to be found in "incredibly old wines."

Tracking World Wine Trends Through Atlas

Rebecca Gibb considers the wine trends of the last six years as portrayed in the 7th edition of "The World Atlas of Wine."

Wine Lovers Need Just Three Items: the Rest is Junk

In this edited extract from "Secrets of the Wine Whisperer," Jerold A. Greenfield explains how to resist being buried by wine-related paraphernalia.

Why Cheap Wine Matters

In this excerpt from Jeff Siegel's refreshing new book "The Wine Curmudgeon's Guide to Cheap Wine," he considers the way that wine is marketed like real estate.

The New California Wine

In this excerpt from his new book, Jon Bonné explores the "wonderful reality" of a terroir-driven Californian wine scene.

The Tangled Economics Of American Wine

In this edited excerpt from "American Wine Economics," James Thornton suggests that "irrational" wine consumers confound economic theory.

Extreme Wine is the Way to Go

In this extract from his latest book, "Extreme Wine," Mike Veseth, aka The Wine Economist, explains "the dirty little secret" of impossible-to-buy wines.

You Beauties! A Wander Through Australian Wine

"Wineries of Australia" provides a pictorial journey through some of the country's most beautiful wine regions. In this excerpt from the newly published book, we highlight examples from each state.

Varsity Blues: Oz Clarke on His Initiation into Wine

"Reds, Whites & Varsity Blues" is a soon-to-be-published history of the Oxford and Cambridge blind tasting competition. In this extract, Oz Clarke (Pembroke College, Oxford) recalls how he fell in love with wine.

South African Winemakers Must "Listen to the Land"

In this excerpt from his just-published book "Wines of the New South Africa," Tim James considers the complicated history of the country's vineyards.

Wine, Guns, And Nazis: A Sonoma Vintner's Tale

W. Blake Gray talks to first-time novelist Trini Amador III about finding inspiration in his great-grandmother's life story.

"Nose": A Mystery in Wineland

Rebecca Gibb meets James Conaway, the author of "Nose," a novel set in a valley reminiscent of Napa.

The Route From Bubbles to Boardroom

Ground-breaking Napa businesswoman Michaela Rodeno has written a new memoir.

"Tuscany With Cowboys": California's Central Coast

In "The New Wine Country Cookbook," Brigit Binns showcases the food and wine of the Central Coast. In this extract, she profiles a veteran winemaker.

An American Abroad in Burgundy

In 2008, Ray Walker threw in his job at Merrill Lynch to become a winemaker. In this extract from "The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France," he recalls the day he found a dream vineyard in Morey.

Pinot Envy: Murder, Mayhem and Mystery in Napa

TV host and wine writer Edward Finstein, aka The Wine Doctor, spills the beans on his latest novel.
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It's Easter, so here are some wines you can drink without feeling guilty for neglecting your religious duties.

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Bordeaux producers risk falling out of step with consumers, warns one of New York's top wine retailers.

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Château Rauzan-Ségla heads back to the future with horses for plowing and gravity-fed cellars.

The End of the "White-Aproned Sommelier"?

2013: Bordeaux's Divided Year

2013 was a vintage from hell for Bordeaux producers, but merchants are finding a bright side.

Krug Owner Buys into Burgundy

France Gives Wine National Heritage Status

Q&A: Elena Pantaleoni, the Leading Lady of "Natural Resistance"

The owner of La Stoppa winery is a respected leader in Italy’s natural wine movement. She features in “Mondovino” filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter’s new documentary, “Natural Resistance.”

Bordeaux 2013: Best Value Buys

Don't Like the Wine? Tough Luck, Rules Judge

Half a case of sour grapes, ends up in court.

100 Parker Points Give Screaming Eagle Prices Wings

What Wine-Searchers Want

Record $36m Paid for Wine Cup

Quinta do Noval: Home to the Greatest Port Ever Made?

Quinta do Noval is striving to keep up the standards it set with its 1963 Nacional Port.

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