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 Fer Servadou Wine

Fer Servadou (or simply Fer) is a dark-skinned grape variety grown in southwest France. It is primarily used for the red and rosé wines of Marcillac, Estaing, Entraygues - Le Fel and Gaillac.

As a grape with a minor blending role, it is grown in Madiran, Béarn, Fronton and even Cabardès in neighboring Languedoc-Roussillon.

Fer Servadou
Fer Servadou Grapes
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Fer, which in Latin and French means "iron", alludes to the particular hardness of the plant’s wood. While it is a little-known variety, it is increasingly being planted, producing wines that are concentrated with aromas of redcurrants and peppery overtones.

France's Fer is quite distinct from the Argentinean variety called Fer, which is a clone of Malbec.

Synonyms include: Fer Servadou, Pinenc, Mansoi, Braucol.

Food matches include:
Europe: Roasted squab (pigeon) with quince purée
Asia: Beef rendang

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We found 48 matches for Fer Servadou. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Domaine du Cros Lo Sang del Pais, Marcillac, France Marcillac $11 14106
Domaine du Cros 'Cuvee VV' Vieilles Vignes, Marcillac, France Marcillac $15 28089
Causse Marines, Marcillac, France Marcillac $20 38160
Domaine Philemon Croix d'Azal, Gaillac, France Gaillac $13 49768
Jean-Luc Matha Les Vieux Porches Cuvee Lairis, Marcillac, France Marcillac $17 74917
Domaine du Cros Les Rougiers, Marcillac, France Marcillac $15 77693
Domaine de Labarthe Cuvee Guillaume, Gaillac, France Gaillac $11 82306
Chateau Clement Termes Memoire Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $11 84005
Chateau de Mayragues Clos des Mages Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $13 93866
Plageoles Domaine des Tres Cantous Braucol, Gaillac, France Gaillac $18 98697
Chateau Candastre Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $8 101346
Jean-Luc Matha Les Vieux Porches Cuvee Peirafi, Marcillac, France Marcillac $23 107241
Domaine Laurens Rouge, Marcillac, France Marcillac $8 122923
Vinovalie Cave de Tecou Passion Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $8 122923
Chateau d'Arlus Braucol, Gaillac, France Gaillac $11 128076
Chateau de Brau Fer Servadou, IGP Aude, France IGP Aude $11 133940
Domaine Barreau Ancestral Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $15 133940
Domaine d'Escausses Cuvee Vigne Mythique Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $15 133940
Domaine des Costes Rouges, Marcillac, France Marcillac $15 133940
Domaine de la Chanade Galien, Gaillac, France Gaillac $13 140467
Domaine de Labarthe Desirs de Labarthe, Gaillac, France Gaillac $10 140467
Domaine des Terrisses Terre Originelle Rouge, Gaillac, France Gaillac $17 148519
Mas de Bicary Chateau Gouzy, Gaillac, France Gaillac $13 148519
Vignerons du Vallon Les Crestes, Marcillac, France Marcillac $13 148519
Domaine Sarrabelle Saint-Andre, Gaillac, France Gaillac $8 158458
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