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 Fernao Pires Wine

Fernao Pires (also known as Maria Gomes) is an aromatic white grape variety extensively grown throughout Portugal. Blended wines are far more common than varietal expressions of Fernao Pires in Portugal, despite the fact that it is the most commonly planted white wine variety in the country. The greatest concentrations of Fernao Pires vineyards are in Bairrada, Lisboa and, in particular, Ribatejo, where only a small percentage of the grapes find their way into DOC wine.

Wine can be produced from Fernao Pires in a number of styles. Dry white wine is the most common, but sparkling and sweet versions are also possible. Zest of lemon, lime and orange are common aroma descriptors, sometimes with a hint of spice. Other examples can show more honey and mineral flavors, especially as they age.

Fernao Pires
Fernao Pires Grapes

In the hot climates of central and southern Portugal, Fernao Pires can provide generous yields and often needs to be controlled to prevent over-cropping. The vine is susceptible to frost and is not suitable to cooler areas. A little has been planted in South Africa and Australia.

The wine can response well to ageing in old oak barrels and may cellar for up to five years in exceptional cases.

Synonyms include: Maria Gomes.

Popular blends include: Portuguese White Blend.

Food matches include:
Europe: Rosemary and lemon pork stew
Australasia/Oceania: Barbecued chicken with lemon and pepper

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We found 29 matches for Fernao Pires. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Quinta do Casal Branco 'Branco', Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $8 10364
Luis Pato Maria Gomes, Bairrada, Portugal Bairrada $11 34317
Pinhal da Torre Quinta do Alqueve Fernao Pires Blanco, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $11 37530
Luis Pato Maria Gomes Vinho Espumante Bruto, Beiras, Portugal Beiras $15 48547
Quinta do Casal Branco Falcoaria Branco Fernao Pires, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $11 50714
Quinta do Casal Branco Capoeira Branco, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $8 52103
Santo Isidro de Pegoes Fontanario de Pegoes Palmela Branco, Vinho Regional Setubal Peninsula, Portugal Palmela $10 64870
Quinta da Alorna Abafado 5 Anos Vinho Licoroso, Portugal Portugal $11 75953
Casca Wines Monte Cascas Fernao Pires, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $38 82487
Quinta do Casal Branco 'Q' Quartilho Branco, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $6 103728
Casa Santos Lima Fernao Pires, Vinho Regional Estremadura, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa $11 126656
Quinta da Alorna Colheita Tardia, Do Tejo, Portugal Ribatejo $26 126656
Quinta de Sant'Ana Fernao Pires, Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa $16 133256
Luis Pato Fernao Pires, Vinho Regional Beira Atlantico, Portugal Beiras $13 135499
Herdade dos Templarios Branco Vinho Regional Tejo, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $10 137956
Vinha do Foral Fernao Pires, Vinho Regional Peninsula de Setubal, Portugal Setubal $6 148374
Quinta do Montalto Cepa Pura Fernao Pires, Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa $13 164308
Pinhal da Torre Quinta do Alqueve Colheita Tardia, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $26 171681
Casa Ermelinda Freitas Terras do Po Branco, Setubal Peninsula, Portugal Setubal Peninsula $8 175829
Vale das Areias Fernao Pires, Estremadura, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa $5 180273
Albergue do Bonjardim 'Bon Jardim' Branco, Beiras, Portugal Beiras N/A 194985
Quinta Vale de Fornos Fernao Pires, Vinho Regional Tejo, Portugal Ribatejo $5 194985
Casal da Coelheira Terracos Do Tejo White, Ribatejo, Portugal Ribatejo $13 200382
Casa Ermelinda Freitas Espumante Bruto, Palmela, Portugal Palmela $10 206282
Casa Ermelinda Freitas M.J Freitas Branco, Vinho Regional Peninsula de Setubal, Portugal Setubal Peninsula N/A 212685
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