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 Vermentino Nero Wine

Vermentino Nero
Vermentino Nero Grapes

Vermentino Nero is the dark-skinned form of the much more widely-known white Vermentino. The vast majority of 'Vermentino' wines are white, so there is little need to qualify the grape's name with the color the descriptor bianco. So few vineyards have Vermentino Nero within their rows that even very the most worldly of wine consumers may be completely oblivious to its existence.

Both forms of Vermentino originated around the northern shores of the western Mediterranean, although while regular, light-skinned Vermentino is at home in  Liguria, Vermentino Nero is grown almost exclusively in Tuscany. It has been so far limited to IGT wines, not being sanctioned under any of the region's DOC laws, although this is far from a reflection of the grape's potential to make quality wines.

Both forms of Vermentino are still sometimes known by the traditional, regional names Rolle, Rollo and Pigato.

Synonyms include: Rolle, Rollo, Pigato.

Food matches include:
Europe: Ravioli in brodo (ravioli in broth)
Americas: Empanada de carne (beef pastry turnovers)

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We found 3 matches for Vermentino Nero. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Terenzuola Vermentino Nero Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy Toscana IGT $16 47834
Cima Vermentino Nero Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy Toscana IGT $25 83296
Cantine Lunae Bosoni Mea Rosa Rosato Golfo dei Poeti IGT, Liguria, Italy Liguria $13 184981
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