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Liqueurs are one of the most notoriously difficult categories of alcohol to define, and the advent of flavored or infused spirits such as vodka, has blurred the boundaries further. Ultimately liqueur’s point of difference is the addition of sugar.

The word liqueur comes from the Latin word "liquefacere", meaning to melt or dissolve. This is a very early reference to the practice of flavoring spirits with various organic agents.

A glass of whisky liqueur

The very first liqueurs are thought to have been medicinal. Monasteries around the world developed their own remedies for various ailments made from a base spirit enhanced by whatever herb or fruit extracts were available. Widespread international trade in the 16th Century revolutionized the liqueur world when new ingredients and spices became available in Europe.

Liqueurs derive their flavor from the extracted essence of their ingredients. This is then added to the desired base spirit (which is usually, but not always, neutral), along with sugar, coloring and water.

There are four main methods used to extract the essence from desired flavor agents: maceration, infusion, distillation and percolation. Some of the more complex liqueurs may use more than one method of extraction as certain flavor agents are better suited to different processes.

Maceration refers to the process of soaking a bruised or pressed flavor agent in alcohol or water to extract its essence. Infusion involves the same process, except the ingredients are heated.

Distillation is the reductive process used to create a concentrate of flavor from macerated flavor agents. (That is, the maceration process is taken a step further, in which the essence is reduced to a highly concentrated liquid.)

The most delicate method of flavor extraction is percolation, also known as steam distillation. Water or alcohol may be steamed or dripped through the flavor agent, which acts as a filter and imparts its essence on the steam or liquid.

Sub-categories of liqueur include: Anise, Cream, Fruit, Herb & Spice, Nut, Chocolate, Coffee and Whiskey.

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We found 398 matches for Liqueur. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Absolut Tune Sparkling Fusion White Wine and Vodka Liqueur, Sweden Sweden $28 2168
Moet & Chandon Petite Liquorelle Petillante Liqueur, France France $56 3386
Courvoisier Rose Liqueur, France Cognac $28 4080
Santa Clara Rompope, Mexico Mexico $10 5169
Artemi Aniuska Vodka Caramel Liqueur, Spain Spain $13 5210
Strawberry Lips Liqueur Rest of World $8 8769
Quita Penas Crema de Tequila, Mexico Mexico $6 9747
Southern Comfort, Louisiana, USA Louisiana $21 9805
Casa 1921 Crema de Tequila, Mexico Mexico $30 10390
Bols Advocaat Egg Liqueur, Netherlands Netherlands $15 10444
Trojka Xenia Pink Vodka Liqueur, Switzerland Switzerland $15 10918
Sizzurp Purple Punch Liqueur Rest of World $26 10953
Evangelista Liquori Punch Abruzzo Liqueur, Abruzzo, Italy Abruzzo $25 11369
Courvoisier Gold Liqueur, Cognac, France Cognac $28 12175
Malibu Red Liqueur Rest of World $21 13323
Rum Jumbie Liqueur, Sint Maarten Caribbean $26 13648
Sildka Caramel Liquor, Spain Spain $13 14039
Garvey Caramel Vodka & Caramel Liqueur, Spain Spain $10 14608
Artemi Ron Miel Indias Honey Rum, Canarias, Spain Canary Islands $15 14653
Monluc Liqueur d'Armagnac Pousse Rapiere, France France $30 14693
Baileys Chocolat Luxe Liqueur, Ireland Ireland $33 15690
Bols Ballerina Liqueur, Netherlands Netherlands $235 15743
Nuvo l'Esprit de Paris Red Velvet Cake Sparkling Vodka Liqueur, France France $26 17032
Christian Drouin Coeur de Lion Pommeau de Normandie, France Pommeau $23 17150
Ponche Caribe Pistachio Liqueur, The Caribbean Caribbean $11 21633
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