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 Marechal Foch Wine

Maréchal Foch is a popular French-American hybrid grape that is widely grown in the Midwest and eastern seaboard in the United States and in Canada. The variety arrived in the U.S. in 1946, when it was known as Kuhlmann 188-2. It was subsequently renamed Maréchal Foch in honor of Ferdinand Foch, the famous French General of World War I, and planted in a number of cold-climate regions.

Maréchal Foch’s early success was partly due to its resistance to marginal conditions; in the early days of the mid-20th Century, viticulturalists would bury their vines in snow to protect them from the freezing continental winters. Maréchal Foch provides reliable yields and ripens very early in the vineyard, making it a safe and attractive option in regions where most Vitis vinifera grapes struggle to ripen.

Marechal Foch
Marechal Foch Grapes

The Alsatian, Eugene Kuhlmann, is responsible for breeding Maréchal Foch from, reportedly, Goldriesling and a native American Vitis riparia-rupestris. This would make Maréchal Foch the genetic twin of Leon Millot. There is, however, some debate about its origins – an opposing school of thought contests that Maréchal Foch is a distant relative of Gamay (through the Oberlin 595 grape).

There are certainly some similarities between the two. Like Gamay, Maréchal Foch responds well to carbonic maceration, producing wines that are light bodied, with bright purple coloring and black cherry flavors. Texturally, these wines are very soft and less rustic than those wines produced by traditional winemaking practices. Whole-bunch pressing of Maréchal Foch results in a more earthy style of wine, with dark berries and a slight smokiness on the palate.

The wine can have good aging potential and respond well to maturation in American oak. Enthusiasts often compare aged Maréchal Foch with Burgundian Pinot Noir, but the variety is probably more akin to a spicy Beaujolais. It seemingly always has good levels of acidity, which is further accentuated by the cool climates it is grown in.

New York State, Minnesota and Ontario are some of the most prolific regions for Maréchal Foch production, with a little planted in Oregon, the Okanagan Valley and elsewhere. The variety is no longer grown in the Loire.

Synonyms include: Foch, Kuhlmann 188-2.

Related grape varieties include: Goldriesling, Leon Millot.

Food matches include:
Europe: Tuna niçoise
Americas: Sausage and shrimp jambalaya
Australasia/Oceania: Beetroot, apple and watercress salad

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Wine Name
Quail's Gate Old Vines Foch, Okanagan Valley, Canada Kelowna $25 40340
Alderlea Vineyards Clarinet, Vancouver Island, Canada Vancouver Island $18 65972
Malivoire Old Vines Foch, Ontario, Canada Ontario $22 68989
Jost Vineyards Marechal Foch, Nova Scotia, Canada Nova Scotia $11 74917
Prejean Winery Marechal Foch, Finger Lakes, USA Finger Lakes $8 79137
St. Hubertus Estate Winery Oak Bay Vineyard Marechal Foch, Okanagan Valley, Canada Okanagan Valley $18 79137
Quail's Gate Old Vines Foch Reserve, Okanagan Valley, Canada Kelowna $81 82306
August Cellars Portus Augustus, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley $25 84005
Chateau Bianca Triumph Marechal Foch, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley $18 96156
August Cellars Marechal Foch, Oregon, USA Oregon $20 98697
Eagles Landing Winery Marquette Maid 'Campfire Hootch' Red, Iowa, USA Iowa $11 98697
Airlie Marechal Foch, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley $18 101346
Wollersheim Winery Port, New York, USA New York $20 114354
Atwater Estate Vineyards Stone Bridge Red, Finger Lakes, USA Finger Lakes $11 118392
Saginaw Vineyard Marechal Foch, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley $18 122923
Winehaven Marechal Foch, Minnesota, USA Minnesota $13 122923
Jewell Towne Vineyards Marechal Foch, New Hampshire, USA New Hampshire $11 128076
Honeywood Winery Marechal Foch, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley $23 133940
Swedish Hill Winery Marechal Foch, Finger Lakes, USA Finger Lakes $11 133940
Bully Hill Vineyards Foch, New York, USA New York $8 140467
Johnson Estate Winery Marechal Foch, Lake Erie, USA Lake Erie - New York $10 140467
Cedar Ridge Vineyards Marechal Foch, Iowa, USA Iowa $15 148519
Morgan Creek St John Reserve, Minnesota, USA Minnesota $15 148519
Amity Vineyards 'Meadows Vineyard' Organic Marechal Foch, Willamette Valley, USA Willamette Valley N/A 158458
Domaine de Grand Pre Marechal Foch, Nova Scotia, Canada Nova Scotia $11 158458
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