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 Bonarda Wine

Bonarda is the name used for four entirely distinct red grape varieties; three from northern Italy and one from Argentina.

The oldest is Bonarda Piedmontese. This is an aromatic variety, now near extinction but it once rivaled Barbera and Nebbiolo in the vineyards of western Piedmont. Although quite capable of producing distinctive wines of good quality, it was replanted only sparsely after the phylloxera epidemic of the 1880s. This is most likely because Bonarda Piedmontese vines offered only very low yields, and winegrowers at that time took a pragmatic, economic approach as they sought to re-establish their vineyards.

Bonarda Grapes

The other two Bonarda vines are also from northern Italy, and both are currently used in the Po Valley. Here it is mostly known as Croatina – its name refers to its origins in Croatia – although it has often gone under the name "Bonarda" in southern Lombardy, most notably in the Oltrepo Pavese DOC. There are now even varietally labeled Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda wines, including a sparkling frizzante version, made from Croatina. Croatina is also used slightly further down the Po Valley, in the Colli Piacentini hills of western Emilia-Romagna.

Uva Rara is the third Italian "Bonarda" grape, also known as Bonarda Novarese. (After Novara, a Piedmontese town located just south of Lake Maggiore.) Like Croatina, Uva Rara is used in Oltrepo Pavese wines, but goes under its Uva Rara title. As suggested by its name, Uva Rara was once a rare vine here, although it is now one of the key red varieties around Pavia.

The majority of Bonarda grapes grown in the world are planted in Argentina, rather than Italy. Here, the grapes are used both in blends (often with the Argentine icon Malbec) and in varietal wines. The Argentine version of Bonarda is also known as Charbono, which has itself been confused with various varieties.

Popular blends include: Bonarda - Malbec.

Food matches include:
Europe: Milanese veal chop (cotoletta alla Milanese) (still); prosciutto di Parma (frizzante-style)
Asia: Beef and black bean stir-fry (still)
Americas: Quesadilla (still); deep-fried beef turnovers (empanadas de pino) (still)
Australasia/Oceania: Barbecued lamb chops with minted peas (still)

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We found 152 matches for Bonarda. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Altos Las Hormigas 'Colonia Las Liebres' Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $10 7171
Cantina di Casteggio Oltrepo Pavese Sangue di Giuda, Lombardy, Italy Sangue di Giuda dell'Oltrepo Pavese $11 12245
Durigutti Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $13 14078
Trapiche Broquel Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $15 18783
Bodegas Esmeralda Tilia Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $10 19390
Familia Zuccardi Emma Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $30 21168
La Posta Estela Armando Vineyard Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $16 22836
Las Moras Bonarda, San Juan, Argentina San Juan $6 27261
Argento Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $11 28196
Catena 'Alamos' Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $11 28887
Nieto Senetiner Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $15 29067
Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda Bonarda, Barrancas, Argentina Barrancas $11 29152
Nieto Senetiner Limited Edition Reserva Bonarda, Agrelo, Argentina Agrelo $38 31327
Fincas Patagonicas Zolo Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $11 32003
Chakana Maipe Reserve Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $15 33587
Chakana Bonarda, Agrelo, Argentina Agrelo $11 34972
Valle de la Puerta 'Ichanka Bonarda', Famatina, Argentina Famatina $15 35491
Ruca Malen Yauquen Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $11 38892
Gouguenheim Valle Escondido Momentos del Valle Bonarda - Syrah, Tupungato, Argentina Tupungato $10 39765
Lamadrid Estate Single Vineyard Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $16 39765
Valle de la Puerta 'La Puerta Alta' Bonarda, Famatina, Argentina Famatina $16 40597
Bodega Dante Robino Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $11 43741
Familia Zuccardi 'Zuccardi Serie A' Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza $13 46393
Valle de la Puerta 'La Puerta Bonarda Reserva', Famatina, Argentina Famatina $16 46633
Familia Mayol Bonarda, Vista Flores, Argentina Vista Flores $15 48547
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