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 Zweigelt Wine

Zweigelt is a dark-skinned grape that has, since its development in 1922, become Austria's most widely planted red-wine variety. This high-yielding vine is now grown in almost every Austrian wine region from Bergland in the west to Burgenland in the east. Following its success in Austria, the variety is now becoming popular in the Czech RepublicGermany, Hungary and Slovakia. Small-scale plantings have also been trialed further afield, in Canada, Japan and England.

A crossing of Saint-Laurent with Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt was developed by Dr Friedrich 'Fritz' Zweigelt, the viticulturist after whom it is named. Since then, it has been crossed with several other varieties, notably with Cabernet Franc to create Cabernet Moravia and with Rathay to create Austria's little-known Roesler.


Because Zweigelt buds later than Saint-Laurent and ripens earlier than Blaufrankisch, it provides a kind of insurance policy in the vineyard. While the other two varieties are susceptible to harsh weather conditions (spring frost and autumn rain respectively), Zweigelt vines typically dodge these seasonal threats.

Wine made from the grape can be quite rich, but it is better known for its pepper and spicy qualities. The best examples show generous fruit flavors, usually centered on a red-cherry and raspberry core. The wines have the potential to cellar well if properly barrel matured, but most bottles are consumed within a few years of their release.

Although varietal Zweigelt wines are very common, the grape is also commonly used in blends. In Burgenland, it is combined with Cabernet and Merlot used to create an Austrian twist on the classic Bordeaux blend, or with its parent-variety Blaufrankisch for a purely Austrian blend. It is even blended with Pinot Noir on occasion.

Zweigelt was originally called Rotburger, but this led to confusion with the entirely distinct Rotberger variety (Geisenheim 3-37). In 1975, the influential Austrian winemaker Lenz Moser renamed it Zweigelt and the name has stuck.

Synonyms include: Blauer Zweigelt, Zweigltrebe, Rotburger.

Popular blends include: Blaufrankisch – Zweigelt, Pinot Noir – Zweigelt, Cabernet – Merlot – Zweigelt.

Food matches include:
Europe: Stelze (roasted ham hock)
Asia: Vt nu cam (Vietnamese-style duck à l'orange)
Australasia/Oceania: Pesto and ricotta roulade

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We found 431 matches for Zweigelt. Click on a name below for details, scores and price history ...
Wine Name
Zantho Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland $13 1710
Weingut Hans 'Johann' Schwarz 'Schwarz Rot', Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $58 11956
Weingut Gernot and Heike Heinrich Zweigelt, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $15 14357
Weingut Umathum Zweigelt, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $15 22460
Sepp Moser 'Sepp' Zweigelt, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $11 23245
Willi Opitz 'Opitz One', Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $99 24157
Schloss Gobelsburg Gobelsburger Zweigelt, Kamptal, Austria Kamptal $15 25621
Weingut Anita und Hans Nittnaus Blauer Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland $11 27831
Weingut Erich & Maria Berger Zweigelt, Kremstal, Austria Kremstal $11 30621
Weingut Winkler Hermaden Olivin Blauer Zweigelt, Sudoststeiermark, Austria Sudoststeiermark $23 31672
Weingut Meinhard Forstreiter Zvy-Gelt Zweigelt, Niederosterreich, Austria Niederosterreich [Lower Austria] $10 32232
Leo Hillinger Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland $13 32347
Weingut Umathum Ried Hallebuehl, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $50 32590
Bio-Weingut H.u.M Hofer Zweigelt, Weinviertel, Austria Weinviertel $11 32795
Weingut Winzer Krems Weinmanufaktur Blauer Zweigelt, Kremstal, Austria Kremstal $13 34591
Anton Bauer Zweigelt, Wagram, Austria Wagram $11 34727
Reichsgraf Von Plettenberg Furst Ferenc Zweigelt, Hajos Baja, Hungary Hajos-Baja $13 35232
Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher Kollektion Zweigelt Trockenbeerenauslese, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $87 40972
Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher Zweigelt Beerenauslese, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $33 40972
Andau Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland $11 41165
Weingut Ecker Eckhof Zweigelt, Wagram, Austria Wagram $11 41165
Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher Illmitz Zweigelt, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $11 41543
Weingut Hannes Reeh Unplugged Zweigelt, Neusiedlersee, Austria Neusiedlersee $20 42536
Weingut R & A Pfaffl Blauer Zweigelt Trocken, Weinviertel, Austria Weinviertel $13 43548
Weinbau Erich Sattler Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland $16 43741
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