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 Sumoll Wine

Sumoll is a virtually extinct black variety that is native to Catalonia, Spain. The grape was once widely grown throughout Catalonia but vines were pulled up in favor of less temperamental varieties. Today, only 100ha (250 acres) of Sumoll remain. There have been some small-scale initiatives to promote the variety and its vinification. There is also a little-known Sumoll Blanco variety which, despite its name, is unrelated.

Sumoll in Catalan means "to wither or mature," which perhaps refers to its ability to make high-quality vin de paille (straw wine). The variety gives large grapes but low yields and is quite difficult to work with. That said, Sumoll is particularly drought-resistant, which has led to Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization experimenting with crossings of it with Cabernet Sauvignon. Rubienne, Cienna, Tyrian and Vermillion are all hybrids derived from Sumoll.


Sumoll is used in the production of red and rosé wines, but due to its small-scale production it is found predominantly in blends. Heretat Mont-Rubi released the first single-variety Sumoll, although a handful of others are now available.

Sumoll wines have a distinctive cherry flavor and a pronounced mineral characteristic. They can sometimes lack acid, and are best drunk young.

Sumoll is permitted in a number of DOs throughout Catalonia, including Pla de Bages, Tarragona, Alella, Penedès and Conca de Barberà as well as the umbrella Catalonia DO.

Synonyms include: Sunier.

Food matches include:
Europe: Romesco de Peix (Tarragona-style fish stew with bell peppers, almonds and saffron)

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