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Prosecco Aims to Put Sparkle Back into Skinnygirl

The new wines added to the Skinnygirl range
© Beam Inc. | The new wines added to the Skinnygirl range
New Skinnygirl prosecco provides a saving of 10 calories per glass, so you can treat yourself to two Skittles!

Skinnygirl, the low-calorie drinks range created by U.S. celebrity Bethenny Frankel, has its eye on the festive fizz market with this week’s launch of a prosecco as well as three new table wines.

Despite a 23-percent fall in sales in the first half of 2013, the company is pressing ahead with the addition of four new wines to the Skinnygirl range. The prosecco is the first sparkling option launched by the brand, and at 100 calories per 5-oz (148-ml) serving, it “offers a satisfying, guilt-free way to enjoy sparkling wine without the extra calories,” the brand claims.

However, the Skinnygirl offering does not appear to represent significant savings compared with many other proseccos. Italian wine brand Cavit states on its website that its Lunetta Prosecco has only 110 calories per 5-oz glass, which means that Skinnygirl drinkers save just 10 calories – equivalent to one orange segment or one peanut M&M.

The other wines joining the Skinnygirl range are a 10 percent alcohol chardonnay, a 10 percent pinot grigio and a 10 percent cabernet sauvignon. The company does not reveal the production techniques used to achieve such low alcohol levels.

The whites have a suggested retail price of $11.99 while the reds are $13.99. This brings the total number of wines in the Skinnygirl range to eight, in addition to its premixed cocktails.

Acquired by spirits giant Beam Inc. for $8.1 million in March 2011, the low-calorie brand’s massive growth continued into the first quarter of 2013, with volumes rising 140 percent. However, its first-half results show a 23 percent fall in sales with the company blaming cold weather across the U.S.

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    Glugger wrote:
    04-Oct-2013 at 09:22:26 (GMT)

    Does anyone else think that it is utterly immoral and wrong to have such a brand name for alcohol (or anything, for that matter). Appeals to under-18s, distresses parents who have children with eating disorders, promotes skinny as the norm, the list goes on and on ... I love imagination in alcohol marketing, have been in the trade for 15 years, but find this kind of thing reprehensible.

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