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Wine Advocate Chief On Wartime Wines

Latour (L) and Mouton Rothschild (R) from 1917 provided a special wine moment for Lisa Perotti-Brown MW
© Bob Campbell/Lisa Perrotti Brown/Wikimedia | Latour (L) and Mouton Rothschild (R) from 1917 provided a special wine moment for Lisa Perotti-Brown MW
Lisa Perrotti-Brown is editor-in-chief of The Wine Advocate, based in Singapore.

"The most recent memorable wines that I wrote up in the Hedonist’s Gazette [a section of eRobertParker], were a 1917 Latour and a 1917 Mouton Rothschild. It’s not because they were like the most ‘Wow!’ mind-blowing extraordinary wines that I've ever had, but because they were in World War I bottles. They looked almost like ale bottles – very funny, strangely shaped.

They were both in pretty good nick. But tasting history is pretty exciting: sitting there and thinking about everything that was happening in the world at that time. It reminds you of the extraordinary nature of wine apart from the hedonistic bit.

We had it here in Singapore. Some friends of mine who live in Denmark go back for a month in August and bring back great bottles. This is the wonderful thing about Singapore – there are passionate collectors here who have cellars around the world and love to share.

We were at Les Amis – probably the most famous restaurant in Singapore. There were only four of us drinking these bottles and it feels a little gratuitous."

As told to Rebecca Gibb

Fast Facts from Wine-Searcher's search engine:

Château Mouton Rothschild

  • 1917 vintage not offered on Wine-Searcher, but 1916 and 1918 are available
  • Average price of 1916, $4,291; 1918, $4,808
  • Mouton Rothschild search rank: 2

1917 Château Latour

  • Three offers on Wine-Searcher in two countries
  • Average price: $1,851 per bottle (excl. tax) 
  • Château Latour search rank: 6.
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  • Comments

    Nigel wrote:
    29-Oct-2013 at 09:46:24 (GMT)

    Sorry to not agree with the last two comments. Some of the most memorable wines I have ever tried have been the oldest. It has not been judged just on physical aspects of the wine, but how these wines have stood the test of time. To go back in time to when the grapes were harvested and think of the world as it was then, when you have a glass in hand is a great pleasure. I am no longer in a position to be buying 1st growth Bordeaux, but if you get together with a few friends it is easy to get your hands on an old bottle. My choice would be Madeira, lost and forgotten in the wine world and offering great value for the old wines.

  • Jean wrote:
    22-Sep-2013 at 00:04:29 (GMT)

    I think the point of this piece is that you kids at WS think it's cool to drink old wine worth tons of money while the rest of us want to learn and stretch our wine dollar.

  • Alder Yarrow wrote:
    21-Sep-2013 at 20:55:41 (GMT)

    And we should care because? C'mon guys, you can't be so starved for content that the fact that Lisa drank some nice wine is justification for an article. This is not up to your usual standards.

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