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Protecting Wine With Condoms

Protecting Wine With Condoms
© Wine Condoms
Claire Adamson investigates an intriguing new invention.

Wine Condoms are the invention of a young Texan, Mitchell Strahan, whose big blue eyes and sandy blonde hair suggest considerable experience with regular condoms. On the rare occasions that there is wine left in your bottle, you can gently roll one of the small rubber contraptions he's designed over the top to preserve its contents. If you practice, you might even be able to do this with your mouth.

The idea came from a leftover bottle of wine that his mother had sealed with cling film and a rubber band. Mitchell, who clearly has a stronger grasp on sexual responsibility than his mother, knew that this was not an effective method of containing a liquid and decided that wines needed their own condoms to protect them from... being impregnated with oxygen? Sorry, that was rather a flaccid metaphor.

I will admit: I was a little disappointed that this was a method of sealing wines rather than actual birth control. Upon hearing the words "Wine Condom" I began to imagine a wine-colored sheath for one’s private parts. Perhaps wine-flavored? Ugh – perhaps not.

You won’t find these condoms at the family planning clinic or your local drugstore (yet): Mitchell has created a prototype for the device and has a Kickstarter campaign currently underway to fund the next stage of production.

While most 20-year-olds would rather jump into an active volcano than start a project called "Wine Condoms" with their mom, Strahan has done just that: his partner in crime is his stand-up-comedian mother, Laura Bartlett.

No word yet on when the wine pill will be released. 

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  • Comments

    VG wrote:
    22-Mar-2014 at 18:46:44 (GMT)

    What do you mean by leftover wine?

  • Dr Freedom wrote:
    20-Feb-2014 at 21:01:18 (GMT)

    Use a 375 ml to put the wine and keep the beauty in the fridge. And don't forget the cork.

  • Frank wrote:
    31-Jan-2014 at 19:53:02 (GMT)

    You need to find a way to suck the air out before you apply the condom. Good luck!

  • scott wrote:
    23-Jan-2014 at 17:04:38 (GMT)

    Unless you purge the bottle with inert are just (maybe) preventing wine from escaping a tipped bottle...that's about all. Must be a slow news day.

  • DF wrote:
    23-Jan-2014 at 16:25:06 (GMT)

    What's wrong with using the cork?

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