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Wine & Sex: The New Tupperware Party

Wine & Sex: The New Tupperware Party
© Wine&Sex
A Spanish winery is taking wine pairing to a whole new level.

Wine and sex seem like a natural pairing and are, in fact, the reason that many of us are on the planet. But beware casual conversational usage, as "wine&sex" is a trademarked brand, as well as an annual event in the Canary Islands.

Bodegas Monje in the Canary Islands began running wine&sex nights for its wine club four years ago.

Felipe Monje, a fifth-generation winery owner, told ZoomNews he started the event because, "I've always been curious about Tuppersex*, but I could never attend because it was exclusively for girls."

(*Tuppersex: A party in which sex toys are sold like Tupperware; and how that's not a trademark violation we cannot imagine.)

"We had done tastings with cheese, chocolate, with poetry," Monje said. "So I thought, why not with sex toys?"

Let's pause to note that the great majority of Canary Island residents are Catholic.

Now then, the next wine&sex event is scheduled for 25 January, and includes a tasting, dinner, screening of an adult movie in the Bodegas Monje barrel room, and "erotic games." There will be aphrodisiac foods including the local delicacy, black piglet.

According to ZoomNews, sex toys will decorate the walls, and there's an extra-large bed in the middle of the room, which we can all agree is usually the most comfortable place to watch erotic films. A space on the bed might be difficult to find, however, with at least 60 guests expected to attend, including "people very young, 20, but also grandparents," according to Monje.

At previous events, some guests spent the entire evening in their underwear, he revealed.

As for the "wine&sex" trademark, Bodgas Monje warns that it owns the rights. The winery staff wear "wine&sex" logo t-shirts in the tasting room, but the winery doesn't appear to have a bottle of wine actually called "wine&sex."

It does, however, sell "wine&sex" kits: for 65 euros ($88.50) you get a bottle of entry-level "Hollera" red wine, a "wine&sex" logo glass, comfortable handcuffs, a pink feather, a black dildo, lubricant, two condoms – and a corkscrew. Upgrade to the 69 euros ($94) kit and the wine gets a little better with a bottle of Listan Negro, an indigenous red variety that was recently proven to be the same as mission through DNA testing.

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