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Help for Searches

The notes below will help you optimize your wine searches. For FAQs about Pro Version features and accounts, see Pro Version FAQs.

'Wine name' field:
  • Enter the name (but not the vintage) of the wine you're searching for.
  • If you know the wine's name but not which winery makes it, include the region/country to narrow down the results (compare tribute vs. tribute california).
  • To exclude a word from your search, write 'not' before it (e.g. napa pinot not noir).
'Vintage' field:
  • Enter the specific vintage you're looking for.
  • Use 'NV' for non-vintage.
  • Leave blank to see all available vintages.
'Show' search options:
  • 'All' uses search logic to return a single 'closest match' result. Where not possible, the most likely matches are listed to the left-hand side of the page.
  • 'Exact' shortlists the wines which match your search, so you can pick the exact wine you're looking for.
  • 'Exclude Auctions' & 'Auctions Only' allow you to remove auction listings from your results, or to focus on them exclusively.

'Bottle size' field: (Pro Version only)

  • All: returns all results, in all formats and case sizes.
  • Bottles: 750ml bottles, or those with no specified size.
  • Halves: 375ml bottles only.
  • Magnums/D-Magnums: Magnums/Double Magnums only.
  • Cases: typically 6 or 12 bottle cases, but covers all case sizes.
  • Others: all other bottle sizes, or where a size is not clearly specified by the merchant.

'History' field: (Pro Version only)

  • Find wine prices as they were in any of the past three months or past four years.
    e.g. Opus One 2005 last month or two years ago.

Min/Max Price fields: (Pro Version only)

  • Stipulate a price range for your search.
  • Use this in conjunction with Email Alerts to find out when a wine becomes available below/above a certain price.
  • The currency defaults to whichever you currently have selected.
  • To change currencies, click the Change Currency link at the top right of the page.
Email Alerts:
  • Wine not available today? An Email Alert will notify you when it is.
  • When a search returns no results the Email Alert box appears below the main search box. Enter your email address and click the 'Email Alert' button.
  • Cookies must be enabled for Pro Version searches. Cookies are also recommended when using the free version of Wine-Searcher.
Charts and Graphs:
  • To disable/enable the charts, graphs and maps in our region and grape variety pages, click this link once.
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