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Capriano del Colle Wine

The coat of arms of Capriano

Capriano del Colle is a DOC of Lombardy in northern Italy. Introduced in 1980, the title covers both red and white wines, in a portfolio which includes semi-sparkling frizzante wines and the early-release, youthful-styled novello. When aged for 24 months prior to commercial release, the standard red Capriano del Colle Rosso earns the right to the mention riserva.

While Capriano del Colle is the name of the DOC and therefore the wine made under it, it is also the name of the commune where the grapes are grown. Capriano, as it is known locally, is a village of about 4000 inhabitants, located 20 miles (30km) west of Lake Garda's southern tip. Its smaller neighbor, Poncarale, is also covered by the DOC catchment area, and the majority of vines dedicated to producing these wines are planted in the area between the two villages.

Italy's most widely planted grape, Sangiovese, is at the heart of Capriano del Colle reds, accompanied by the more local Marzemino, which is also a key ingredient in the wines of Botticino just to the north-east. Barbera is also a required component in the reds here, although only to the tune of a minimum 3%.

White wines made in Capriano and Poncarale are based on 85% Trebbiano, and may be labeled either as Capriano del Colle Bianco or Capriano del Colle Trebbiano. The latter variant is a sign of Italy's move towards the varietal labeling preferred by so many modern wine consumers, particularly those in the New World. Three kinds of Trebbiano are sanctioned under the DOC laws here: Trebbiano di Soave, Trebbiano di Lugana and Trebbiano Toscano.

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