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Clos Sainte Hune Wine

The coat of arms of Hunawihr

Clos Sainte Hune is a historic and respected vineyard in the village of Hunawihr, in central Alsace, France. It is a monopole of Domaine F.E. Trimbach and has been owned by the Trimbach family for more than two centuries.

The site is located at the centre of the Rosacker Grand Cru vineyard, which ranks among the finest in Alsace. Despite this, Domaine Trimbach does not label its Clos Sainte Hune wine with the Alsace Grand Cru title to which it is entitled. The Rosacker name is not even mentioned on the label, although it is not clear whether this is by choice or because that name is now protected as part of the Alsace Grand Cru appellation laws and its use would entail other constraints.

The limestone soils that characterize Rosacker are very much a part of the Clos Sainte Hune's excellence as a vineyard site. These soils, combined with a cool, south-easterly aspect which makes the most of the gentle morning sunshine, help to create complex, long-lived wines.

The clos is planted exclusively with Riesling and produces only one cuvée, named F.E Trimbach Riesling Clos Sainte Hune. About 9000 bottles are made every year; the precise yield depends on the nature of each vintage.

The fact that Domaine Trimbach has chosen to reject the Alsace Grand Cru appellation has contributed to the fame of the site, rather than causing it to be forgotten or considered inferior. Those who know the Clos Sainte Hune and appreciate its wines are unlikely to be swayed in their opinion by the presence of 'Grand Cru' on the bottle. This is a prime example of the importance of Alsace's clos vineyards.

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