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Colorado Wine

Colorado is a state in the American west, bordered by New Mexico to the south and Wyoming to the north. Colorado's vineyards are among the highest in the world, reaching altitudes of 7000ft (2135m) in the Rocky Mountains and rivaling even the famously lofty Andean vineyards of Argentina. Viticulture at this height produces wine with vibrant, intense colors and aromas, created by the intensity of the sunlight and cool nights. The better Colorado wines are made from such grape varieties as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Chardonnay.

The state covers just under 105,000 square miles (270,000 sq km) of land between latitudes 37°N and 41°N, ranging from the Rockies to the lower-lying ground in the east. The climate in Colorado is typically continental; the nearest large bodies of water are well over 500 miles (800km) away. This results in warm, dry summers, as well as in cold winters (particularly in the higher areas) that pose significant risks to less-hardy vines.

The flag of Colorado

Most of Colorado's wine industry can be found along the state's western border with Utah, in the high-altitude soils of the Rocky Mountains. Here, the altitude helps to moderate the climate, and the rocky, sandy soils have proved well suited to viticulture. Low annual rainfall in these parts of Colorado allows growers careful control over vigor and yields through the sparing use of irrigation.

Winemaking in Colorado dates back well over 100 years; wine production was first recorded here in the 1880s, and by 1909, the state was harvesting grapes from more than 1000 vineyards. This burgeoning industry was interrupted when Prohibition was adopted in Colorado in 1916 – four years earlier than in many other US states. Many of the vineyards were replanted to peaches, now one of the state's most important crops.

It was half a century before Colorado's wine industry began to recover, in the mid-1970s when government-aided viticultural research was carried out by Colorado State University. Now there are around 100 wineries across the state, and their vineyards are planted with a combination of well-known vinifera varieties as well as purpose-made hybrids designed to endure the harsh winters here. The majority of the vineyards are in the Grand Valley, the first of Colorado's two AVAs, inaugurated in 1991. The state's West Elks AVA is home to the northern hemisphere's highest commercial winery, Terror Creek, located at 6400ft (1950m) above sea level.

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Wine Name
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, Colorado, USA Whisky - Single Malt $60 1912
Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey, Colorado, USA Whiskey - Bourbon $45 6419
Coors Light Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $8 22959
Colterris Cabernet Sauvignon, Grand Valley, USA Cabernet Sauvignon $21 26785
Coors Extra Gold Lager Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $23 26863
Great Divide Brewing Co. Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, Colorado, USA Beer $10 29657
Colorado Cellars Winery Rocky Mountain Vineyards 'RoadKill Red', Colorado, USA N/A $13 35627
Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $16 37985
Peach Street Distillers Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Colorado, USA Brandy $65 39598
New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale, Colorado, USA Beer $5 41356
The Infinite Monkey Theorem 100th Monkey, Grand Valley, USA N/A $48 49601
Colorado Cellars Winery Chardonnay, Colorado, USA Chardonnay $15 50969
Oskar Blues Brewery Canundrum Variety Pack Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $13 51245
Coors Non-Alcoholic Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $6 55002
Cottonwood Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorado, USA Cabernet Sauvignon $15 55002
Coors Original Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $8 56018
The Infinite Monkey Theorem Malbec, Grand Valley, USA Malbec $25 56710
Plum Creek Winery Merlot, Grand Valley, USA Merlot $13 59744
Avery Brewing Mephistopheles' Stout, Colorado, USA Beer $10 60556
Oskar Blues Brewery Ten Fidy Imperial Stout Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $16 63480
Avery Brewing The Beast Grand Cru Ale Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $10 64410
Grande River Vineyards Viognier, Colorado, USA Viognier $16 69475
The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey Apple Blossom Apple Wine, Colorado, USA N/A $16 71677
Alfred Eames Cellars Pinot Noir, West Elks, USA Pinot Noir $21 73414
Blue Moon Brewing Co. Belgian White Beer, Colorado, USA Beer $8 74041
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