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Gravina Wine

The coat of arms of Gravina

Gravina is a white-wine-specific DOC of the Puglia wine region in south-eastern Italy. Awarded in 1983, it is named after the town of Gravina, which lies at the southern end of the DOC's catchment area, and is the most geographically interesting of the Puglian appellations. While the majority of Puglia is flat and rises only slightly across the coastal plains and occasional hills, Gravina is surrounded by rolling hills and sits at an altitude of 1250ft (380m). In northern sections of the territory, and on the ridge which runs down its center, the topography is even hillier, rising to more than 2000ft (610m). The name Gravina means 'ravine', and is a reference to the gorge which marks the town's western edge.

The principal varieties used to produce Gravina wines are Malvasia Bianca, Greco Bianco and Bianco di Alessano. As a result of the cooler elevations here, the typical Gravina wine is fruitier, fresher and higher in natural acidity than the deep, tannic wines from further down the Salento peninsula (Italy's 'heel'). This more vibrant character, and the fact that it is one of very few white wines made in Puglia, has helped Gravina stand out from its neighbors; in Campania, a similar situation is enjoyed by Greco di Tufo, which ranks above its neighbors both topographically and in terms of reputation. A little confusingly, the name used for the Greco Bianco grape here in Gravina is Greco du Tufo.

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We found 4 wines produced in this region.
Wine Name
Botromagno Gravina Bianco, Puglia, Italy N/A $11 18887
Botromagno Verdeca di Gravina Spumante, Puglia, Italy Verdeca $8 82487
Botromagno Poggio Al Bosco Gravina, Puglia, Italy N/A $18 115610
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Poderi D Agustina Gravina Italy  

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