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Macon Lugny Wine


Macon Lugny wines are those produced under the Macon appellation within the communes of Bissy-la-Maconnaise, Lugny, Saint-Gengoux-de-Scisse and Cruzille. Lugny is one of the better-known names of the Macon appellation, largely due to the success of the Cave de Lugny co-operative.

Macon is a generic appellation for red, white and rose wines from the Maconnais sub-region of southern Burgundy. However, a number of communes within its catchment area have been recognized as sources of higher-quality wine and may append their names to that of the appellation on their labels. While all of these communes may use their names on white wine labels, only two-thirds of them produce red and rose wines of sufficient quality to earn this privilege.

The Macon Lugny title covers white wines made exclusively from the Chardonnay grape variety, as well as red and rose wines produced from Pinot Noir and Gamay.

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We found 49 wines produced in this region.
Wine Name
Louis Latour Macon-Lugny Les Genievres, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $15 6977
Cave de Lugny Macon-Lugny Les Charmes, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $13 8172
Louis Latour Macon-Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $15 12202
Louis Jadot Macon Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $17 22016
Bouchard Pere & Fils Macon Lugny Saint-Pierre, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $15 22389
Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny Les Coteaux des Anges, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $13 36517
Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny Eugene Blanc, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $8 51899
Regnard Macon Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $17 64059
Louis Jadot Macon Lugny Les Petites Pierres, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $17 76247
Maison Loron & Fils Macon Lugny Montvallon, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $17 96156
Albert Bichot Macon Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $17 101346
Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny La Carte, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $18 101346
Hubert Laferrere Domaine Saint Denis Macon Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $18 104137
Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny Terroirs de Scisse, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $10 171566
Jean Rijckaert Macon-Lugny Terroir de Bissy 'Les Crays Vers Vaux' Vieilles Vignes, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $22 171566
Joseph Drouhin Macon Lugny, Burgundy, France Chardonnay $13 N/A
... other assorted matches in alphabetical order ...
Bouchard Pere Macon Lugny St Pierre View  
Burgundy Macon Lugny Les Crays Vers Vaux Vieilles Vigne Sustainable  
Chard Macon Lugny La Part Anges  
Drouhin Macon Lugny Chard  
France Bourgogne Maconnais Macon Lugny Blanc  
Jean Thevenet Macon Lugny Dom St Denis White Burgundy France Chard  
Latour Macon Lugny Les Jenever Chard White Burgundy  
Les Petit Macon Lugny Burgundy  
Louis Jadot Beaujolais Maconnais Macon Lugny  
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