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Montescudaio Wine

Montescudaio is a classic DOC of Tuscany, central Italy, and was granted its title in 1976. The vineyards which produce Montescudaio wines are located among the low, rolling coastal hills of western Tuscany, between Siena (Sienna) and Livorno (Leghorn).

Vineyards in Montescudaio
© Giacomo Panicacci

The DOC covers red and white wines, sweet and dry, blends and varietals. Standard red Montescudaio Rosso, the bread-and-butter wine of the DOC, is made from a 50% base of Sangiovese and any combination of other red-wine varieties sanctioned under Tuscany's wine production laws. Sangiovese is also covered for use as a varietal wine under the Montescudaio title, as are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for reds, and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino for whites. To qualify for the right to a varietal label, a Montescudaio wine must contain at least 85% of the variety stated on the label. As in so many other Italian DOCs, varietal wines are a relatively new addition to producers' portfolios. They mark a step into the future and a recognition of the demands of modern wine consumers for greater communication of variety and provenance.

The sweet vin santo wines which so excellently complement Tuscany's portfolio of dry reds and whites are also present in Montescudaio. They are made here, as is almost every other vin santo, from Trebbiano Toscano, Tuscany's favorite white-wine grape variety.

The communes covered by the Montescudaio DOC are Casale Marittimo, Castellina Marittima, Guardistallo, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Riparbella and Montescudaio itself. As might be inferred from the names Casale Marittimo and Castellina Marittima, these villages are close to the coast. From east to west, the DOC catchment area spans roughly 15 miles (24km), and is buffered slightly from the coastal winds by a range of low hills which channel freshening breezes inland. This makes for a sunny, warm but moderated climate, in which the grapes can make the most of an extended growing season.

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We found 45 wines produced in this region.
Wine Name
Fattoria Sorbaiano Rosso delle Miniere Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet - Sangiovese $21 33119
Poggio Gagliardo Malemacchie Montescudaio Rosso Riserva, Tuscany, Italy N/A $13 43117
Marchesi Ginori Lisci Campordigno Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Merlot $11 46633
Fattoria Sorbaiano Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Sangiovese (Nielluccio) $8 57069
Fontemorsi 'Spazzavento' Rosso Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Merlot - Sangiovese $16 60556
Poggio Gagliardo Rovo Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy N/A $43 62605
Podere la Regola Vallino Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet - Sangiovese - Syrah $16 67881
Poggio Gagliardo Gobbo ai Pianacci Montescudaio Merlot, Tuscany, Italy Merlot - Sangiovese $26 72845
Podere la Regola Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet Franc $50 75301
Podere la Regola Le Prode Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Sangiovese (Nielluccio) $6 77316
Marchesi Ginori Lisci Macchion del Lupo Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet Sauvignon $13 77994
Pagani de Marchi Montaleo Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet - Merlot - Sangiovese $15 79444
Poggio Gagliardo Ultimosole Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet Franc - Cabernet Sauvignon $26 89330
Podere la Regola Beloro Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Sangiovese (Nielluccio) $31 93247
Caiarossa 'La Serra' Merlot Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Merlot $40 96370
Podere la Regola Vallino delle Conche Montescudaio Rosso, Tuscany, Italy Cabernet - Sangiovese $16 96370
Sator Montescudaio, Tuscany, Italy Sangiovese (Nielluccio) $10 124672
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Blanc Santo Montescudaio  
Campo A Cipressi Montescudaio Rosso Poggio Agli Scalzi  
Da Morazzano Rosso Montescudaio Bott No Six  
Fattoria Poggio Gagliardo Montescudaio Rossi Tuscany  
Fattoria Poggio Gagliardo Montescudaio Rovo  
Fattoria Sorbaiano Montescudaio  
Fattoria Sorbaiano Santo Montescudaio Tuscany  
Le Matassine Montescudaio Rosso Poggio Agli Scalzi  
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