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Montsant Wine

Montsant is a wine region in Catalonia, northern Spain. The gently undulating area was formerly categorized as a viticultural sub-zone of Tarragona, but local growers felt the high-altitude vineyards here earned the region recognition as a DO in their own right. As a result, the Montsant DO was created in 2001, its name taken from the Montsant massif ('holy mountain') that dominates the region's landscape.

Montsant lies west of Tarragona city and forms a 'C' shape that almost completely surrounds the prestigious Priorat region. Vines were first introduced to the area by the Romans thousands of years ago, and Catholic monks continued the viticultural tradition during the Middle Ages. By the 19th Century, wines from Montsant were receiving praise at universal exhibitions.

Vineyards in Porerra, Catalonia
Š Jesus Viņuales

Montsant's most prized vineyards are located in terraces on steeply sloping sites, often interspersed with pine, almond and olive trees (the region is also known for its excellent olive oils). Here, the vines benefit from intense Mediterranean sunshine during the day and relatively cool temperatures at night. This high diurnal temperature variation assists in the development of complex aromas in the grapes, while preserving vital acidity. The soil is a local specialty known as 'llicorella', which is high in granite and slate components. Together, these growing conditions result in the region's wines being concentrated and expressive of the local terroir. The average altitude of the zone is 1180ft (360m) above sea level, rising steadily in the northwest and southeast as it approaches the Montsant and Montsalt mountains respectively.

Montsant has earned a reputation for its high-quality red wines, particularly those based on old Garnatxa (Garnacha) and Carinena (Carignan) vines. Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Spain's darling, and international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah also perform very well here. Most red wines are typically intended for aging and exhibit velvety textures even after a short time in oak. The old vines offer particularly complex examples.

A small quantity of white wine (based on Chardonnay, Macabeo and Garnacha Blanca) is produced, along with rosados (rosé) wines and dessert wines, for which the region was once famous. These Vi Ranci (old wines) are made in an oxidative style and are then fortified. Some mistelas (mistelle), made from grape juice and added alcohol, are also produced. Kosher wines from the area can also be found.

Praise for Montsant's high-quality wines is getting louder as the international market realizes the region's potential.

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We found 266 wines produced in this region.
Wine Name
Celler Can Blau 'Can Blau', Montsant, Spain Carignan - Grenache - Syrah $13 1669
Cellar Capcanes Mas Donis Barrica Old Vines, Montsant, Spain Grenache - Syrah $13 3015
Celler Malondro Besllum, Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $15 3172
Celler Can Blau 'Mas de Can Blau', Montsant, Spain Carignan - Grenache - Syrah $40 3555
Espectacle del Montsant, Montsant, Spain Grenache (Garnacha) $125 3798
Celler Laurona Falset 'Laurona', Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $23 5717
Celler Capcanes Mas Donis Negre, Montsant, Spain Grenache - Syrah $10 5762
Zerran Tinto, Montsant, Spain Grenache (Garnacha) $15 7775
Venus La Universal Dido Tinto, Montsant, Spain Cabernet - Grenache - Merlot - Syrah $18 8226
Acustic Celler Tinto, Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $16 8403
Portal del Montsant Santbru Carinyenes Velles, Monsant, Spain Carignan - Grenache - Syrah $26 9168
Celler El Masroig Sola Fred, Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $11 10889
Celler Capcanes Cabrida Garnacha, Montsant, Spain Grenache (Garnacha) $45 11039
Acustic Celler Brao, Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $30 11054
Vinyes Domenech Furvus, Montsant, Spain Grenache (Garnacha) $23 11236
Capcanes Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha'Abib Kosher Tinto, Montsant, Spain Cabernet - Carignan - Grenache $45 12197
Celler Capcanes Costers del Gravet Tinto, Montsant, Spain Cabernet - Carignan - Grenache $18 14587
Cellar Malondro Xabec, Montsant, Spain Carinena - Garnacha $18 15097
Venus La Universal, Montsant, Spain N/A $33 16377
Portal del Montsant Brunus, Monsant, Spain Carignan - Grenache - Syrah $15 19016
Don Carles Vins Mas Gran Negre, Montsant, Spain Cabernet - Grenache - Syrah $11 19053
Cellers Laurona Falset 6 Vinyes, Montsant, Spain Grenache (Garnacha) $43 19121
Capcanes Peraj Petita Kosher Tinto, Montsant, Spain N/A $20 20997
Joan d'Anguera Finca L'Argata, Montsant, Spain Grenache - Syrah $20 21534
Celler Clos de Noi Negre Samso Vinyes Velles, Montsant, Spain Carignan (Carinena) $16 21684
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