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Pennsylvania Wine

Pennsylvania is a state in the north-east of the US, covering 46,000 square miles (119,000 sq km) between Lake Erie and the Atlantic Coast. Pennsylvanian wines are made from various native grapes such as Delaware, Franco-American hybrids such as Chambourcin and Seyval Blanc and well-known vinifera varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

With around 14,000 acres (5665ha) under vine, Pennsylvania is one of the most prolific grape-growing states in the country, along with New York, Washington and Oregon (although none of these come close to rivaling the viticultural output of California, responsible for around 90% of US wine production). A large proportion of Pennsylvania's vineyards produce raisin and table grapes rather than wine grapes, so the state ranks only seventh in terms of wine production. This balance is now changing; where there were fewer than 30 wineries in the state in 1980, there are now more than 100. 

The flag of Pennsylvania

Vineyards can be found across the whole state, from the traditional 'fruit belt' on the edges of Lake Erie in the north-west corner of Pennsylvania to the sheltered valleys provided by the Appalachian mountain chain in the south-east. Pennsylvania has five sub-AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) within its boundaries, although it shares three of these (Central Delaware Valley, Lake Erie and Cumberland Valley) with neighboring states. Only Lancaster Valley and Lehigh Valley in the south-east of Pennsylvania lie entirely within its borders.

Pennsylvania has a moderate, maritime-influenced climate due to its position between bodies of water, and is officially categorized as 'humid continental' on the Koppen scale. This applies in essence to the whole state, except for the south-eastern corner, where Pennsylvania's border meets those of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland at the northern end of Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. Here, conditions are closer to the humid, subtropical climate experienced in the states to the south.

Like New Jersey immediately to the east, Pennsylvania has implemented a state-wide quality-assurance program. Any wine can be independently tested and judged by a panel of enologists; those which reach the established standard receive the state's seal of approval. This adds a level of wine-quality assurance to the existing AVA origin statements and brings the state one step closer to a fully fledged appellation system, such as that in France.

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Wine Name
Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Egg $10 6363
Leroux & Co Jezynowka-Blackberry Flavored Brandy, Pennsylvania, USA Eau-de-Vie $11 10398
Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Pennsylvania, USA Vodka $34 20102
Adams County Winery Tears of Gettysburg White, Pennsylvania, USA Rare White Blend $17 20829
Bluecoat American Dry Gin, Philadelphia, USA Gin $30 21748
Pennsylvania Dutch Brandied Apple Cider, USA Cider $10 29089
Leroux & Co Apricot Brandy Liqueur, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Fruit $10 33762
Leroux & Co Creme de Menthe White, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Herb - Spice $10 34466
Boxcar Brewing Co. India Pale Ale Beer, Pennsylvania, USA Beer $18 35436
Jacquin's Apricot Brandy, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Fruit $11 36517
Victory Brewing Company Golden Monkey Ale Beer, Pennsylvania, USA Beer $11 38459
Leroux & Co Triple Sec Liqueur, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Fruit $8 38779
Leroux & Co Creme de Cacao Brown, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Chocolate $10 40340
Leroux & Co Blue Curacao Liqueur, USA Liqueur - Fruit $11 41325
Leroux & Co Kirschwasser Cherry Flavored Brandy, Pennsylvania, USA Eau-de-Vie $11 42037
Franklin Hill Vineyards Fainting Goat, Pennsylvania, USA N/A $11 45136
Weyerbacher Merry Monks' Belgian Style Golden Ale Beer, Pennsylvania, USA Beer $10 46852
Jacquin's Blackberry Flavored Brandy, Pennsylvania, USA Brandy $11 47311
Leroux & Co Creme de Menthe Green, Pennsylvania, USA Liqueur - Herb - Spice $10 48769
Chaddsford Winery Spiced Apple Wine, Pennsylvania, USA Cider $10 49273
Leroux Peach Brandy, Pennsylvania, USA Brandy $10 49273
Chaddsford Winery Niagara, Lake Erie, USA Niagara $10 50793
Leroux Sloe Gin, USA Gin $10 51899
Yuengling Traditional Lager Beer, Pennsylvania, USA Beer $11 51899
Philadelphia Distilling Vieux Carre Absinthe Superiore, Pennsylvania, USA Absinthe $57 56158
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