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Saint-Veran Wine

Saint-Veran is an appellation for dry white wines produced in the southern half of the Maconnais sub-region of Burgundy. The appellation is roughly divided into two islands, separated by the vineyards of Pouilly-Fuisse.

The northern half is home to the communes of Davaye, Prisse and Solutre-Pouilly, the last of which may produce both Pouilly-Fuisse and Saint-Veran wines. The southern half comprises the communes of Chanes, Chasselas, Leynes, Saint-Amour and Saint-Verand (from which the appellation gains its name). The final 'd' of Saint-Verand was lost due to an administrative error when the appellation laws were being drawn up in 1971.

The Church at Chanes
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As the southernmost appellation of Burgundy, Saint-Veran overlaps slightly with the northern edge of Beaujolais. The commune of Saint-Amour, for example, produces white wines labeled as Saint-Veran alongside the fine red Beaujolais Cru wines for which it is more widely known.

In general, Saint-Veran's output is largely composed of wine that would previously have fallen under the less-prestigious Beaujolais Blanc title. The remainder includes wines which, in quality terms, fall somewhere between those of the Pouilly-Fuisse and Macon-Villages appellations.

All Saint-Veran wines are made exclusively from the Chardonnay grape variety. They are traditionally dry in style, yet more full-bodied than other white Burgundies. In their youth, they have floral aromas and notes of white stone fruit, developing into more honeyed, nutty aromas with age. The finest examples show a hint of pierre a fusil – the mineral, flinty aroma so prized in Burgundian white wines.

The climate in the Saint-Veran catchment area is slightly warmer than in most of Burgundy, due to its southerly location. Spring frosts, which so readily threaten vines in cooler Burgundy appellations like Chablis, are less of a danger here. The soils, while not as dominated by limestone as the slopes of neighboring Pouilly-Fuisse, have a fair proportion of chalky clay – particularly in vineyards lining the small Crosne and Arlois rivers.

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We found 201 wines produced in this region.
Wine Name
Joseph Drouhin Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 6246
Domaine Corsin Saint-Veran Vieilles Vignes, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $21 7255
Louis Latour Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 10127
Domaine de la Croix Senaillet Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 15285
Domaine de la Creuze Noire Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 17189
Verget Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $20 18342
Jean-Jacques Vincent Chateau-Fuisse Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 22570
Domaine Thomas Saint-Veran Tradition, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 24837
Louis Latour Saint-Veran Les Deux Moulins, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 25916
Vins Auvigue Le Moulin du Pont Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 27337
Collovray & Terrier Domaine des Deux Roches Saint-Veran Tradition, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 27908
Georges Duboeuf Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $15 27908
Louis Jadot Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $23 29067
Domaine Thibert Pere & Fils Saint-Veran Champ Rond, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 29316
Blason de Bourgogne Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 32590
Albert Bichot Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 32906
Verget Saint-Veran Terroirs de Davaye, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 33119
Domaine Jacques & Nathalie Saumaize Saint-Veran En Creches, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 33468
Vins Auvigue Saint-Veran Les Chenes, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 35232
Domaine Cordier Pere et Fils Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $28 35747
Jean Rijckaert Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $15 36790
Domaine Roger Lassarat Saint-Veran Cuvee Prestige, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $20 38892
Joseph Burrier Chateau de Beauregard Saint-Veran Classique, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $16 39061
Georges Duboeuf Domaine Saint-Martin Saint-Veran, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $18 39426
Domaine Cordier Pere et Fils Saint-Veran En Faux, Maconnais, France Chardonnay $25 40597
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