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Marchesi di Barolo Servaj Dolcetto delle Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

The 1970 vintage is not available for Marchesi di Barolo Servaj Dolcetto delle Langhe, Piedmont, Italy.
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Wine Notes

Formerly 'Dolcetto delle Langhe' was not labeled as Servaj.

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Grape Variety: Dolcetto

Dolcetto is a dark-skinned wine grape from the Monferrato hills of northwestern Italy. The variety has successfully made its way to Australia and the USA, but Piedmont is generally regarded as its spiritual home. The region has several appellations dedicated exclusively to Dolcetto, the most notable of which cover DOCG-level wines from vineyards near Dogliani, Diano d’Alba and ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Langhe wine region

    Langhe is the hilly sub-region east of the Tanaro river and south of Alba, in the Cuneo province of Piedmont. The name 'Langhe' is the plural form of langa, a local word for a long, low-lying hill. Since its introduction in November 1994, the Langhe DOC has gained considerable repute for its innovative viticulture and use of international varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are prime examples). The creativity this affords the local winemakers has led to a new generation of high-quality wines, many comparable to the prestigious 'Super Tuscans' from Tuscany.

    The Langhe area is home to some of the most prestigious wines in Italy, including ... more

  • Piedmont [Piemonte] wine region

    Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian), in the north-western corner of the Italian Peninsula, is arguably Italy's finest wine region. It sits at the foot of the Western Alps, which encircle the region to the north and west, forming Italy's naturally formidable border with France. To its southeast lie the northernmost Apennine Mountains – ... more

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