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Bodegas los Bermejo Malvasia Seco, Lanzarote, Spain

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Grape Variety

Malvasia is an ancient family of grapes that includes a diverse collection of noble varieties. These grapes are capable of producing wine of any feasible color in dry, sparkling and sweet styles. There are dozens of regional synonyms for and sub-varieties of Malvasia, painting the picture of a well-traveled family that has adapted to numerous environments. In the 21st Century, Malvasia is produced in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and the United States.


  • Lanzarote is the easternmost DO within the Spanish Canary Islands. The designation covers the whole of the volcanic island, a popular tourist destination thanks to its spectacular lunar landscape. Craters and dark-black, bright-red and dusty-white stretches are a feature of the island's surface, and razor-sharp rock formations line the sea's edge in many places. Pine trees, ferns and wild olives thrive in parts of the island not covered in ash, but only vines can survive in the cinders. Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993, the same year it was accorded DO status.

  • The Canary Islands (or Las Canarias) are a Spanish-owned archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, located 70 miles (110km) off the west coast of Morocco. The islands' centuries-old wine industry has enjoyed unprecedented attention in the past few years, thanks to the "wine&sex" parties organized by Felipe Monje of Bode...more

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