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MacNaughton's Blended Canadian Whiskey, Canada

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $10   From: $8   To: $12

Price History for NV MacNaughton's Blended Canadian Whiskey, Canada
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Grape Variety: Whisky - Blended

Blended whisky is a blend of one or more whiskies, which may themselves be made from any combination of malted and unmalted grains.

Blended whiskies are generally cheaper and more accessible than single malt or single grain whiskies, but do not offer the individuality of a spirit distilled from a single product in a single place. On the other hand, they are also more malleable in terms of their style, allowing producers to create a consistent 'house style'.

Although blended whiskies are considered less exclusive than single malts, and therefore less likely to command high prices, some of world's best-known and most expensive whiskies are blends. The Johnnie Walker brand demonstrates this perfectly, with its Blue Label Whisky costing hundreds of ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Canada

    Canada is the world’s second-largest country, and a respected new world producer of wines. Despite the northerly latitudes, the vastly different landscapes of mountains, prairies and verdant farmlands offer some excellent macroclimates for grape growing. The country is particularly famous for its lusciously sweet ice wine, and the consistently cold winters here mean that Canada now leads the world in ice wine production.

    This vast nation enjoys abundant water resources, with lakes too numerous to number and the longest coastline of any country in the world. The 10 provinces and three territories of Canada are surrounded by the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, and the ... more

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