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NV Sangster's Original Jamaica Rum Cream Liqueur, Jamaica

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $18   From: $13   To: $25

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Over all vintages, this was the 1180th most popular wine on Wine-Searcher last year. Search rank last month: 1566th

Price History for NV Sangster's Original Jamaica Rum Cream Liqueur, Jamaica
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Grape Variety: Liqueur - Cream

Cream Liqueur is the name given to cream-based members of the liqueur family. The category overlaps with its many other liqueur categories as very few liqueurs will just have cream as the key flavoring agent; cream is generally used more for texture and body, while cream liqueurs rely upon other flavors to define it.

Cream liqueurs are produced under a different method to other liqueurs. The cream, alcohol and sugar are homogenized together to make sure they bond and don't separate when bottled.

The choice of base spirit used in cream liqueurs is particularly important, but whiskey is used in a number of popular examples, such as in Baileys, Arran and Heather Cream. The reason for this is that cream can dominate other characteristics so a stronger combination of flavors is desirable.

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Region Hierarchy
  • Jamaica

    Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, formerly a colony of the British Empire until it was granted full independence in 1962. It lies immediately west of La Hispaniola, the island famous as the starting point of the European colonies in the Caribbean and now home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Its northern neighbor is Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean and 95 miles (150km) away. As is the case for almost all inhabited Caribbean islands, Jamaica is relatively long and thin, measuring 145 miles (233km) from east to west and less than a third of that distance from north to south.

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  • Caribbean

    The Caribbean is the geographical region that surrounds the Caribbean Sea, between South America and North America. Although not known for its wines (grape vines do not thrive here), the region is the undisputed home of rum. The few wines currently made in the region have been in production for just a few years. They come from Cuba, and ar ... more

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