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2009 Domaine Antoine Arena Patrimonio Carco Rouge, Corsica, France

2009   2010   2011
Wine Notes

Indicative blend: Sciacarello, Nielluccio

Average Price of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD: $49

Score: 90.
The Wine-Searcher score of 90/100 is calculated from the following wine critic scores:
Critic Score
91/100 (5 notes from 4 users )  
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Grape Variety: Sangiovese (Nielluccio)

Sangiovese (or Nielluccio in Corsica), a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Virtually synonymous with the red wines of Tuscany, and all the romanticism that goes with the territory, Sangiovese is the core constituent in some of the great names in Italian wine. Italy’s love affair with Sangiovese – and indeed the world’s – is generations old, though recent grapevine research suggests the variety is not as ancient as once thought.

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Region Hierarchy
  • Patrimonio wine region

    Patrimonio is an appellation for white, red and rose wines from the southern end of the Cap Corse peninsula of Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea between France and Italy. The communes covered are Barbaggio, Farinole, Oletta, Poggio-d'Oletta, Saint-Florent, Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda and Patrimonio itself.

    The soils of the valleys and hillsides here are distinct from the rest of the island because they are largely composed of chalky clays and limestone. The majority of Patrimonio's vines are located on the coast of the Gulf of Saint-Florent, whose clear blue waters attract crowds of tourists in the summer. As a result of this ready-made consumer base, only a small percentage of  ... more

  • Corsica wine region

    Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located between the south-east coast of Provence and the west coast of Tuscany. Although it is closer to Italy, Corsica has been under French rule since 1769 and is c ... more

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