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2010 Finca Abril Alhambra Single Vineyard Malbec Reserva, Uco Valley, Argentina

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Wine Notes

Grapes sourced from single vineyard named 'Alhambra'.

Average Price of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD: $12

Price History for 2010 Finca Abril Alhambra Single Vineyard Malbec Reserva, Uco Valley, Argentina
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Grape Variety: Malbec

Malbec is a black-skinned grape variety native to southern France (specifically the area around Cahors), but now better known as the iconic wine grape of Argentina. Through its success in the vineyards of Mendoza, in a few short decades Malbec has shot from relative obscurity to international fame, simultaneously bringing new-found attention and respect to Argentina as a wine-producing nation.

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Region Hierarchy
  • Uco Valley wine region

    The Uco Valley is a key wine-growing region of Mendoza, Argentina. Located in a clearly defined valley an hour's drive south from the city of Mendoza, the region is home to the production of some of Mendoza's most famous wines. Argentina's icon grape variety of Malbec shines in the Uco Valley, producing terroir-driven red wines with a distinctive floral aroma.

    Although considered part of the Mendoza region, the Uco Valley (or Valle de Uco in Spanish) can be recognized in its own right on several counts. Not only is the vine-growing area quite distinct; the region is also home to several of Argentina's top producers. Attracted by the excellent climate and soil quality, newcomers with historic ... more

  • Argentina wine region

    Argentina is one of the most important wine-producing countries in the New World, and the largest producer of wine in South America. The high-altitude deserts of the eastern Andes have given rise to a high-quality wine industry and the terroir here is well suited to Argentina's adopted grape variety, the ubiquitou ... more

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