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Franco Todini Pinot Grigio Umbria IGT, Italy

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Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is more than just the Italian name for the Pinot Gris grape variety; it also embodies stylistic differences. 'Pinot Grigio' wines are typically quite different from 'Pinot Gris' wines, even though they are made from the same variety. The difference is so well established that the two are often treated as distinct varieties.

The refreshing Pinot Grigio style has enjoyed great success in various countries, most recently the United States, (where it is fondly nicknamed 'Greej') and Australia. The most common descriptors of the style are 'light', 'crisp' and 'dry'. These characteristics are complemented by aroma notes citing lemon, green apple and blossoms.

The Grigio style is achieved by harvest ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Umbria IGT wine region

    Umbria IGT is the region-wide Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) title for Umbria, central Italy. It covers every part of the region, from the tiny village of San Giustino in the north to Santa Maria delle Neve in the south.

    Umbria is situated right in the middle of Italy (if this boot-shaped peninsula can be said to have a 'middle') and is the only Italian region with neither a coastline nor an international border. Its neighbors on the Tyrrhenian coast are Tuscany and Lazio, and it is separated from the Adriatic coast only by the ... more

  • Umbria wine region

    Umbria, in central Italy, is a region of lush rolling hills, hilltop villages and iconic, historic towns (exemplified by Orvieto and Assisi). Its annual wine production of around one million hL (26 million gallons) is less than one third that of neighboring Tuscany, and makes it the country's fourth-smallest wine-producing region by volume. Locat ... more

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