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Cave de Crouseilles Chateau de La Motte, Madiran, France

Wine Notes

Indicative blend: 80% Tannat, 20% Fer Servadou

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $12   From: $9   To: $15

Price History for Cave de Crouseilles Chateau de La Motte, Madiran, France
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Grape Variety

Tannat is a red-wine grape whose origins lie in the Basque country, on the border between France and Spain. Here, in the shadow of the Pyrenees Mountains, the terrain is rough and rugged, so it is only fitting that Tannat should create wines which are equally deep, dark, dry and rustic.

Although Tannat is still used among the foothills here, the most famous Tannat wine is made a little way to the north, in Madiran. The name of this tiny village, which is also home to the less-famous white Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, is virtually synonymous with that of the Tannat grape, even though Tannat is also used in nearby Irouleguy, Tursan and Bearn. Although this remains the case for no ...more

  • Madiran is a village in the gently rolling countryside of Gascony, in the far south-west of France. The area is famous for its indulgent gastronomy and rich, concentrated, tannic Madiran wines. Gascon culinary specialties include magret de canard and cassoulet – rich, gamey foods that demand a wine match of serious character and structure. Fortunately, Gascony is the home of Tannat, a grape variety strong in structure, color, acidity and (as implied by its name) tannins.

    By law, Tannat grapes must make up between 60% and 80% of any wine bearing the Madiran appellation. The remaining portion can be made up with any combination o ...more

  • The South West (or 'Sud-Ouest') is a relatively large territorial zone of France, incorporating the administrative regions of Aquitaine, Limousin and Midi-Pyrenees. In terms of the French wine map, however, the Sud-Ouest region is a little less clear-cut, as it excludes Bordeaux – a wine region so prolific that it is effectively a zone...more

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