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Niepoort Docil Loureiro, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Wine Notes

Previously Doucil Loureiro was labeled as Giro sol.

Average Price $15 (USD)
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Grape Variety

Loureiro is a light-skinned variety grown mainly in the north of Portugal and used to make the popular white Vinho Verde wines of the Minho region. It’s also grown in smaller amounts in Galicia, just across the Spanish border to the north. Here it is called Loureira, and is used in the white wines of Rias Baixas, often blended with the district's pre-eminent grape variety, Albarino.

The name Loureiro means "laurel", and refers to the bay-leaf (Laurus nobilis) scent that marks Loureiro wines out. Loureiro wines have excellent acidity and are low in alcohol. ...more

  • Vinho Verde is a well-known DOC in the Minho region of north-western Portugal. Each year it is responsible for vast quantities of straw-yellow, light-bodied, tangily tart wines produced from many thousands of small-holdings throughout the region. And amid the wash of white wine is the faint glimmer of ruby-tinged red Vinho Verde tinto – rarely seen outside Portugal.

    A quantity of the wines made here are so fresh and youthful that they earn the moniker verde ('green'), which applies even to the reds. Although not sufficiently effervescent to be officially classed as sparkling wines, much white Vinho Verde has an obvious petillance. They are most often based on such classic Portuguese white-wine grapes as Arinto, ...more

  • Minho – Portugal's northernmost wine region – is known for one wine style above all others: crisp, light, white Vinho Verde. It is located on the Portugal's Atlantic coast to the north and east of Porto, Portugal's second-largest city and the home of Port. It occupies a roughly rectangular area about 60 miles (100km) from north ...more

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