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NV Ozeki 'Osakaya Chobei' Daiginjo, Japan

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Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $29   From: $14   To: $37

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  • Daiginjo is one of the higher grades of sake, the Japanese rice wine which has become a strong symbol of the nation's culture. To qualify as daiginjo, a sake must be made with rice grains which have been polished (removing the bran to improve the taste) to less than 50% of their original weight. Daiginjo is considered slightly less fine than junmai daiginjo (pure daiginjo) as it may be fortified with distilled alcohol.

    Approximately 75% of sake produced today is futsu, the everyday sake. Futsu is to sake what blended Scotch is to whisky; daiginjo equates to a fine, cask-strength single malt.

    The rice used to produce all special-designation sakes (of which daiginjo is one of the finest) must be polished to a legally defined degree. Additionally, at least 15% of the rice used in these sakes must be affected by koji-kin, a filamental fungus which helps to break down starche ...more

  • Japan is famous for its sake rice wine rather than any other alcoholic beverage, but wine has been made there for several hundred years, if not longer. Beer and whisky have also earned themselves a place in the modern Japanese consciousness, and have even risen to become significant contributors to the national economy.


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    Case of 12 x 300ML

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