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Salvador Poveda Borrasca, Alicante, Spain

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $15   From: $15   To: $17

Price History for Salvador Poveda Borrasca, Alicante, Spain
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Grape Variety: Mourvedre (Monastrell)

Mourvedre (Monastrell in its native Spain, Mataro in Australia and California) is a black-skinned variety that has been grown in vineyards all around the western Mediterranean for centuries. Thought to have originated in Spain, it is now grown extensively throughout the Iberian Peninsula, southern France, California and South Australia.

Mourvedre likes warm, dry climates and has small, thick-skinned berries – the textbook combination for making wines with intense color and high ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Alicante wine region

    Alicante is located in the Valencia administrative region in eastern Spain. It is situated in the south-eastern corner of the country, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante is also the name of the province south of Valencia city, and along with the designation, derives its name from the historic port city of Alicante. The region was awarded DO status in 1957 and a Consejo Regulador (wine authority) was established. These days, it has the reputation of 'specializing' in mass-produced wines, but there are a few notable exceptions.

    ... more
  • Valencia wine region

    Valencia is one of Spain's 17 administrative regions, known more for its paella and oranges than its wines. It is located at the center of the Spain's sunny east coast, which is completed by the Catalonia and Murcia regions to the north and south respectively. Valencia's administrative center is the eponymous city of ... more

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