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Pisano Arretxea Grand Reserve, Progreso, Uruguay

The 2006 vintage is not available for Pisano Arretxea Grand Reserve, Progreso, Uruguay.
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  • Progreso is one of two key wine-growing towns in the Canelones department of Uruguay. Located just a few miles south of Juanico, and roughly equidistant (ten miles/16km) from Montevideo and Canelones town, this is the heartland of Uruguayan wine.

    The landscape around Progreso is flat and low-lying; the relief here varies from just 100ft (30m) to 200ft (60m), creating very little terroir variation from changes in altitude or elevation. The densely planted vineyards that surround Progreso and Juanico are arguably the very epicenter of Uruguayan wine; more ...more

  • Uruguay is the fourth-largest wine-producing country in South America. Wine grapes have been grown here for over 250 years, although commercial viniculture did not begin until the second half of the 19th century, two centuries or so after Chile and Argentina. In the past few decades Uruguayan wine has emerged quietly ...more

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