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NV Albert Bichot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Rose, France

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $22   From: $20   To: $26

Award Organization Award Year Result Extra Description
The Dallas Wine Competition 2013 Gold Sparkling Wines - Traditional Method

Price History for NV Albert Bichot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Rose, France
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  • Cremant de Bourgogne is the appellation for the white and rose sparkling wines of Burgundy, made predominantly from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes in the methode traditionelle. Created in October 1975 to complement Bourgogne Mousseux (the title for sparkling red wines), the appellation is now applied to more than 13 million bottles of wine every vintage.

    Cremant de Bourgogne wines may be white or rose and can vary in sweetness levels from brut (dry) to demi-sec (medium-dry). White Cremant de Bourgogne can be either ...more

  • Bourgogne is the generic, catch-all appellation title for the Burgundy wine region in eastern France ('Bourgogne' is the French name for Burgundy).

    Burgundy has a complex and comprehensive appellation system; counting Premier Cru and Grand Cru titles, the region has more than than 700 appellation titles for its wines. Thus Bourgogne wines often come from a vineyard (or, se...more

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