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2009 Vina Maipo Gran Devocion Syrah - Viognier, Maule Valley, Chile

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Wine Notes

Ownership: Concha y Toro

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $13   From: $12   To: $20

Award Organization Award Year Result
Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 Silver
International Wine Challenge 2011 Silver
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Price History for 2009 Vina Maipo Gran Devocion Syrah - Viognier, Maule Valley, Chile
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Grape Variety: Syrah (Shiraz) - Viognier

Syrah and Viognier form an unlikely partnership (a white-wine grape and a red-wine grape), but a highly successful one nonetheless. The blend first appeared in the northern Rhone Valley, and has now spread to various parts of the New World, most obviously California and Australia.

Invariably, this blend is used to make red wines, with Syrah (aka Shiraz in Australia) the dominant component. Viognier rarely constitutes more than 15 percent of the blend. Even in these small quantities, mak ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Maule Valley wine region

    Maule Valley is the largest wine-producing region in Chile other than the Central Valley, of which it is a part. It has 75,000 acres (30,000ha) under vine, and has traditionally been associated with quantity rather than quality. But this is rapidly changing – the bulk-producing Pais vine is gradually being replaced with more international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, and careful winemaking practices are being employed to make some world-class red wines from old-vine Carignan.

    ... more
  • Chile wine region

    Chile is one of South America's most important wine-producing countries. Occupying a thin strip down the western coast of the continent, it is home to a wide range of terroirs, leading some commentators to describe the country as a "winegrower's paradise". An equally wide range of wine styles are made here as a result, from the crisp, grassy ... more

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