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Principe Pallavicini 'Rubillo' Cesanese Lazio IGT, Italy

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $9   From: $7   To: $12

Price History for Principe Pallavicini 'Rubillo' Cesanese Lazio IGT, Italy
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Grape Variety

Cesanese is a red variety originally from the Lazio wine region of central Italy (known in English as Latium). There are in fact two Cesanese varieties, both of which have their own claim to fame.

Cesanese Comune is the grape behind the wines of the region's first DOCG, Cesanese del Piglio (introduced in August 2008), and is found predominantly in the communes of Serrone, Acuto, Anagni, Paliano and Piglio. This area of the Frosinone province is lifted into the clouds by a western range of the central Apennines, and characterized by mountainous terrain. Piglio sits at an altitude of 2250ft (685m) and overlooks the Sacco and Aniene river valleys below, and just visible b ...more

  • Lazio IGT is the region-wide IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) title used for the Lazio region of western central Italy. It is in fact one of six IGTs used in Lazio, but is the by far the most widely used – largely because it covers the entire region.

    Wines produced under the Lazio IGT title may be red, white or rosé in color, and still, sparkling, sweet or dry in style. The sweet wines are even sub-categorized down into passito (from dried grapes) and vendemmia tardiva (from late-harvest grapes). Merlot-based red is the predominant style produced under this title, but there are few strong patter ...more

  • Lazio is a region in central Italy, and home to the ancient capital city of Rome. Like many Italian wine regions, Lazio's vine heritage is ancient. Its first inhabitants were the Etruscans, though it was the Latins who gave the area its original name Latium. The Romans brought the region into another era by improving trade and agriculture, although after the collapse of the Roman Empire the land was neglected. Only in the 1870s, when Rome became the capital of Italy,...more

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