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Nick O'Leary Shiraz, Canberra District, Australia

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Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $27   From: $23   To: $30

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Grape Variety: Shiraz

Shiraz is the name given to the dark-skinned Syrah grape when grown in Australia and selected pockets of the New World. Though genetically identical, the stylistic differences between Shiraz and Syrah are pronounced enough to consider them distinct varieties. Shiraz is so important to Australian viticulture that it is the most planted grape variety in the majority of Australian vineyards and is virtually synonymous with marquée wine regions such as the Barossa Valley.

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Region Hierarchy
  • Canberra District wine region

    Canberra, the Australian administrative capital, gained its own wine-specific GI (Geographical Indication) in February 1998, despite having very few vineyards at that time. The GI covers the entire Canberra district but also contiguous parts of New South Wales (the state which surrounds the Australian Capital Territory), and it is here that the majority of the district's vineyards are located. 

    The wines from the Canberra District are divided roughly into two types: the cool climate styles from the more elevated vineyards, and fruitier, more powerful styles from lower down. Although the Pacific coast is only 75 miles (120km) away to the east, the Canberra climate is decidedly ... more

  • Southern New South Wales wine region

    Southern New South Wales is an Australian wine zone covering a roughly rectangular area around the Australian capital, Canberra. Stretching for approximately 100 miles (160km) north and south of Canberra, the zone reaches right down to the southern edge of New South Wales, where it meets the eastern edge of < ... more

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