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Weingut Stefan Langmann Schilcher Sekt, Weststeiermark, Austria

The 2011 vintage is not available for Weingut Stefan Langmann Schilcher Sekt, Weststeiermark, Austria.
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Wine Notes

Style: Sparkling rose wine

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Grape Variety

Blauer Wildbacher is an extremely late-ripening, dark-skinned wine grape variety originating from the Steiermark (Styria) in southern Austria. It is grown exclusively there, mainly in the Western Styria (Weststeiermark) sub-region. It is one of 13 red grapes permitted for quality wine production in Austria and bears a close relation to the Blaufrankisch grape.

Wines made from Blauer Wildbacher have an immense acidic linearity and most of it is produced as a rosé wine called Schilcher. These c ...more

  • Weststeiermark, or Western Styria, is a wine-producing region in southern Austria. Its main claim to fame is Schilcher, a unique rosé-style wine made exclusively from the indigenous Blauer Wildbacher grape variety.

    Weststeiermark covers the area between the town of Graz and the Slovenian border in the south. The vineyards are located on the steep hills and deep valleys that characterize the topography of the area. Careful site selection helps to protect vineyards from the prevailing winds while maximising sunlight exposure. With just 500ha (1200 acres) under vine, it is one of Austria’s smallest wine regions.

    The most-planted variety is Blauer Wildbacher, found most often in Schilcher rosé form. Admired for ...more

  • Steiermark, or Styria, is the southernmost wine-producing region in Austria, bordering Slovenia. The hilly terrain and the region's cool take on the Mediterranean climate mean that viticulture here is markedly different from the rest of Austria. The re...more

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