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2009 Vinha Paz Reserva, Dao, Portugal

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Wine Notes

Indicative blend: Predominantly Touriga Nacional with Tinta Roriz and Alfrocheiro

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $22   From: $21   To: $27

Score: 88   When to drink: 2013 to 2016
The Wine-Searcher score of 88/100 is calculated from the following wine critic scores:
Critic Score When to drink
16/20   2013 to 2016
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Price History for 2009 Vinha Paz Reserva, Dao, Portugal
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Grape Variety

Alfrocheiro Preto – Tinta Roriz – Touriga is a common blend used in Portuguese red wines, particularly those from the Dao region.

Tinta Roriz is one of the most widely planted red varieties in both Douro and Dao, where this blend is most commonly used. It is known as Aragonez in Portugal's south, but is perhaps most widely known by its Spanish name Tempranillo. To this blend it brings structure and red berryfruit aromas, along with a hint of sweet spice and even earthier aromas such as leather and tobacco leaves.

The backbone provided by Tinta Roriz in this blend is strongly supported by Touriga Nacional. Touriga's deep color, strong ...more

  • Dao is one of Portugal's most promising wine regions, but has had a reputation for rarely delivering on its full potential. This is slowly changing, as international wine media attention and improvements in production (and marketing) have helped the region to start shining. The top Dao wines are now some of the most highly rated in Europe, winning consistent praise on both sides of the Atlantic.

    The Dao viticultural region lies south of the better-known Douro, source of Portugal's most famous wine, Port. It takes its name from the Dao river, along which the majority of the region's vineyards are located. The Dao is a tributary of the larger Mondego (Portugal's longest river) and the Pavia, Alva, Criz, Coja, Carapito, Satao and Ceira rivers also flow through the region. However, only one is significant eno ...more

  • Portugal has undergone something of a wine revolution in the past couple of decades, updating its winemaking technologies, styles and attitudes. This archetypal Old World country has long been famous for little more than its fortified wines (Port and Madeira) and tart, light ...more

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