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Barone Montalto Nero d'Avola - Cabernet Sauvignon Sicilia IGT, Sicily, Italy

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Grape Variety

The Cabernet – Nero d’Avola blend is an example of modern Italian winemaking on the island of Sicily. Cabernet Sauvignon, most famously known as the heavyweight red grape of Bordeaux, has been transplanted around the world, but its blending partner here, Nero d’Avola, is almost entirely restricted to one Mediterranean island.


  • Sicily is Italy's southernmost region, and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. For more than 2500 years Sicily (Sicilia in Italian) has been a significant center of Mediterranean viniculture, although the reputation and style of its wines has changed significantly over that time. Although once famous for sweet Muscats (see Pantelleria), and later fortified Marsala, the island's best known wines are now its dry table wines produced under the regional IGT title, Terre Siciliane.

    At its widest point Sicily measures 175 miles (280km) east to west, and about one third that distance north to south. Its roughly triangular shape led the island to be dubbed Trinacria ...more

  • Italy – the home of Moscato, Chianti, Amarone and Prosecco – has a rich and diverse wine heritage dating back more than two thousand years. Famous for its bewildering diversity of both grape varieti...more

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