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NV Ron Varadero Anejo 3 Anos Blanco Rum, Cuba

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Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $15   From: $13   To: $18

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Grape Variety: Rum

Rum is a spirit made in various styles and in many (mostly tropical) locations around the world. Sugarcane is the raw ingredient behind all rum styles, from clear Cuban ron blanco to the darkest Jamaican Navy Rum. Some rums, notably and Brazilian cachaça and Rhum Agricole from the French West Indies, are distilled directly from cane juice. Most, however, is made from molasses, the thick, black, syrupy by-product of the sugar production process.

Rum's origins lie very much in a place and time, namely the Caribbean of the 17th Century. During this period, the islands were being colonized by settlers from various European countries, particularly England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland. These early colonists naturally sought out a way of producing alcohol – not just for its intoxicating properties, but as a way of makin ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Cuba

    Cuba is one of the key islands in the Caribbean, in terms of population (more than 11 million people), geographical size and economic power. The nation consists of several archipelagos and the main island which they surround, La Isla de la Juventud ('the island of youth'). The Cuban mainland is long and thin, measuring just over 700 miles (1125km) from east to west and about one quarter as much from north to south at the widest point.

    The Cuban capital of Havana lies at a latitude of 23 degrees north, right on the Tropic of Cancer. This places the island comfortably outside the Wine Belt (the latitudes of 32 and 51 degrees, between which quality viniculture is practicable). Very little wine is produced there, although at least one winery produces Cuban wine in very small quantities. Its grapes of choice are ... more

  • Caribbean

    The Caribbean is the geographical region that surrounds the Caribbean Sea, between South America and North America. Although not known for its wines (grape vines do not thrive here), the region is the undisputed home of rum. The few wines currently made in the region have been in production for just a few years. They come from Cuba, and ar ... more

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