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Agri Roncao DR Ruby Port, Portugal

Wine Notes

Average Price of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD: $13

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Grape Variety: Port Blend Red

Red Port is blended together using a number of grape varieties. The precise identity of these, and the proportion each represents in the final blend, may not be known even to the winemaker. For some growers in the Douro region of Portugal, the ambiguity over what is in their fortified wines is not an attempt to protect some proprietary secret, but rather a matter of reality: they simply don’t know for sure what they have growing in their vineyards.

Because Portugal's wine industry has adopted regulation and legally enforced controls in the past few decades, tradition still has a strong influence on how wines are made and vineyards are managed. Tradition, here, means co-planted varieties and field blends (wines made from whatever combination of varieties happens to occur in the source vineyard). So, while the ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Ruby Port wine region

    Ruby Port is the most extensively produced and widely available style of port wine, and is for many people an introduction to fortified wines in general.

    The term 'Ruby' is neither officially nor legally regulated. Until the 1960s, it simply indicated a bulk-produced port. However, the port trade now seems to have reached a consensus on the 'Ruby' style; youthful, powerful and fruit-forward. The red-berry fruit aromas which characterize the style match the bright red color which gave rise to the name 'ruby'.

    Unlike Vintage Port, most Ruby Port is a blend of young wines (from multiple vintages), and remains untamed by age. Most producers bulk-age their Ruby Port for two or three years, in tanks of cement or steel, to prevent ... more

  • Oporto wine region

    Oporto (Porto), Portugal’s second-largest city, is the spiritual home of Port wine. Located in northern Portugal, Oporto marks the point at which the Duoro river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Oporto has been of great historical importance to the European wine trade since the Anglo-Franco trade wars of the 17th century. During that time the London market developed a taste for the dark, 'blackstrap' wines that were shipped out of the city. The old Oporto city center is a ... more

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