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NV Patrick Bottex Bugey Cerdon La Cueille, Savoie, France

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Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $22   From: $18   To: $25

Score: 87.
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89/100 (109 notes from 73 users )  
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Grape Variety: Gamay - Poulsard

Gamay and Poulsard, the grapes of Beaujolais and Jura respectively, are used together in the quirky, sparkling pink wines of Bugey Cerdon. These semi-sweet wines are made using the méthode ancestrale form of production, whereby no secondary yeasts are added. This means that the wine retains much of its grapey flavor.

Wines made from Gamay and Poulsard generally have good acidity and are lightly perfumed. Given Poulsard’s somewhat neutral nature, in ter ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Bugey Cerdon wine region

    Cerdon is one of three named vineyards in the Bugey appellation of the southern Jura mountains. In stark contrast to the light, alpine white wines that Bugey and Savoie are famous for, Bugey Cerdon wines are exclusively sparkling rosés made from the Gamay and Poulsard grape varieties. These floral, slightly sweet rosés have become one of the most famous wines made in this part of eastern France.

    The Cerdon cru covers the vineyards that surround the small village of Cerdon within the Ain administrative department. The village is located in an area of chaotic topography – a tight patchwork of rounded hills, ridge ... more

  • Bugey wine region

    Bugey is a winegrowing region in the Ain administrative department of eastern France. The area is covered by two appellations: Bugey, which covers red, white, rosé and sparkling wines from a range of grape varieties, and the more-specific Roussette du Bugey appellation which covers the rich, ... more

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