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2006 Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet, Loupiac, France

Wine Notes

Indicative blend: 80% Semillon, 20% Sauvignon Blanc

Average Price of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD: $22

Award Organization Award Year Result
Le Guide Hachette des Vins 2009 Cité
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Price History for 2006 Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet, Loupiac, France
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Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon is a classic white wine blend. It is most widely produced in France (most notably Bordeaux's Graves district), where both Sauvignon Banc and Semillon are well-established varieties, and has more recently caught on in Australia (particularly Margaret River). The versatile blend is typically made into crisp, dry wines, but it is also the blend of choice for the world's most prestigious sweet wine style, Sauternes. The blend is endowed with vibrant acidity and grassy aromas by Sauvignon Blanc, and its structure and mouthfeel from Semillon.

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Region Hierarchy
  • Loupiac wine region

    Loupiac is a sweet white wine appellation of the Bordeaux region, covering wines made in an area on the northern bank of the Garonne river, 18 miles (30km) south-east of Bordeaux city. Loupiac is in the heartland of Bordeaux's sweet white wine production, located between Cadillac and Sainte-Croix-du-Mont and just across the river from the prestigious Sauternes and Barsac titles.

    Geographically speaking, Loupiac is a logical part of the ... more

  • Entre-deux-Mers wine region

    Entre-deux-Mers is a large wine sub-region of Bordeaux in south-western France. Its name translates literally as 'between two seas', although the 'seas' in question are in fact rivers – the Garonne and Dordogne, which form the area's southern and northern boundaries respectively.

    Entre-deux-Mers is home to various appellations, which produce wines in various styles, from the sweet ... more

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