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Vinas del Vero Coleccion Pago El Enebro Gewurztraminer, Somontano, Spain

Wine Notes

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $12   From: $10   To: $17

Price History for Vinas del Vero Coleccion Pago El Enebro Gewurztraminer, Somontano, Spain
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Grape Variety

Gewurztraminer is a pink-skinned grape variety that produces some of the most distinctively aromatic wines in the world, in an intense style that polarizes people. Ardent fans of Gewurztraminer adore its highly perfumed scents and slightly spicy flavors, while its detractors lament its lack of acid and obvious fruit tones. Few, however, would deny Gewurztraminer’s presence on the olfactory radar.

Literally translated, Gewurztraminer means "spiced Traminer" (Traminer Aromatico in Italian), in reference to the grape's heritage as a mutation of the Traminer family of grapes. Up until 1870 Gewurztraminer was simply known as Traminer in Alsace, and even until the 1970s both Traminer and Gewurztraminer were used to describe the same grapes. Winemakers of this time can easily be forgiv ...more

  • Somontano is a wine region in Aragon, northern Spain. The name Somontano means 'under the mountains', an apt description as the region sits in the foothills of the central Pyrenees mountains. This lush, green, hilly region lies less than 35 miles (60km) from France. After lobbying hard for a number of years, the local producers were rewarded with DO status in 1984, and Somontano has since become a significant force in the Spanish wine industry, offering a wide range of wine styles and types. It has also adopted a particularly modern approach to winemaking, reflected in its technologically advanced wineries and vineyard practices, as well as its innovative wine labels. 

  • Aragon is one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain. Located in the country's north, it stretches from the imposing Pyrenees mountains south to the expansive central Iberian plateau. To the east of Aragon lies Catalonia, while La Rioja, ...more

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