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2010 Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas, Beiras, Portugal

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Wine Notes

This producer also makes a white wine. Ensure your merchant has the color you are looking for.

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $27   From: $24   To: $30

Price History for 2010 Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas, Beiras, Portugal
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Grape Variety: Baga

Baga a dark-skinned grape variety used to make red wines in the central coast of Portugal. It is particularly prevalent in the Bairrada region, where Baga vines far outnumber those of any other red wine variety. The neighboring Dao and Ribatejo regions also use Baga, traditionally in blends but increasingly in varietal wines.

Baga is notable for the thickness of its grape skin in proportion to the size of the small berries. Its name means "berry" or, perhaps more evocatively, "droplet", although neither of these terms capture the ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Beiras wine region

    Beiras (Beira) is a traditional administrative region in the northern half of Portugal. It is also the name of the IGP, or Indicacoes Geograficas Protegidas, wine classification (formerly known as Vinho Regional) which covers the region as a whole. Besides this regional classification, Beiras is also home to several DOC (Denominacao de Origem Controlada) titles, among them Bairrada, Beira Interior and the famous Dao.

    Beiras is relatively wide, as Portuguese regions go, and stretches from the Atlantic coast right to the border with Spain (about 100 miles/160km). It was traditionally a single region, but was later split into Beira Litoral (coastal Beira) and Beira Interior (inland Beira), which gave its name to the eponymous DOC.

    ... more
  • Portugal wine region

    Portugal has undergone something of a wine revolution in the past couple of decades. This archetypal Old World country has long been famous for little more than its fortified wines (port and madeira) and tart, light whites (vinho verde), but is now stealing headlines the world over for its new wave of rich, ripe, dry red wines. While it would be simplistic to brand thes ... more

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