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Weingut J. Heinrich Goldberg Blaufrankisch, Mittelburgenland, Austria

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Grape Variety: Blaufrankisch (Lemberger)

Blaufränkisch (also known as Lemberger) is a black-skinned grape variety that has a number of synonyms in Europe and the United States. It can be used to make varietal red wine, rosé, and can be added to blends, contributing high acid, tannin and deep coloring. Blackberries, red cherries and redcurrants are common flavor descriptors associated with Blaufränkisch wine.

The variety is widely planted in Burgenland, Austria, where it is often blended with its offspring, ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Mittelburgenland wine region

    Mittelburgenland is an important wine-producing area in Burgenland on Austria's eastern border. Spicy, robust Blaufrankisch accounts for more than half of all wine production in the region, which is widely considered to be the home of red wine in Austria. 

    The vineyards of Mittelburgenland stretch out across the western reaches of the Pannonian Plain. This flat basin covers a huge swath of land in Central Europe, extending across both Hungary and Slovakia. The climate here is warm, sunny and dry – a departure from the average cool Austrian climate. Hills in the north-west and south protect the area from cooling winds coming in from the foothills of the Alps. Instead, warm Pannon ... more

  • Burgenland wine region

    Burgenland is a large wine-producing region on the eastern border of Austria. Vineyard land surrounds the Neusiedlersee lake, which has a huge influence on the styles of wine that are produced here. This is the home of red-wine production in Austria, mainly based on Blaufrankisch and ... more

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